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Monday, 10 March 2014

The heat has already been turned up for Froch v Groves

Today's first press conference saw Carl Froch and George Groves back together in the same room for the first time since last years first clash. You would think that after having time to cool off and reflect on the first fight both men would now allow some room for respect of their counterpart, this however was not the case, infact both men looked even more riled than the first time round.

Both men continuing where they left off, mind games starting when Froch was addressing the media and Groves sat playfully with a rubix cube with a care free look on his face, the image was set that nothing would phase the man from London. Froch however got his own back albeit through a little less subtle approach, as both fighters stood to soak up the press photos, Froch seemed angered by a comment from Groves and pushed him across the pitch side.

Its all great build up and is already guaranteeing fans on seats, there is a lot more to come and this will no doubt become more and more heated over the next few weeks. There is no love lost between these 2 fighters who both feel they have already done enough and proved enough to be the best in Britain and the best on the worlds stage.

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