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Monday, 3 March 2014

Crawford dominates Burns, AJ's climb and Mayweather remains vocal

This weekend saw Ricky Burns return to the ring after some time away to fix what seemed to be a season ending injury. Burns looked in great shape to defend his WBO lightweight title, the Glasgow crowd were on their feet and the noise from the bagpipes echoed around the arena, the problem was, nobody knew much about his unbeaten opponent Terence Crawford.

For those that did their homework on the American, they will know that Burns may have took a step to far stepping in the ring with the slickster. To be fair I have been following Crawford for some time now and I had the belief that Burns would walk away with his title firmly in his grasp, unfortunately this wasn't the case Saturday night. The opening rounds looked good for Burns, but little did we know Crawford was just getting warmed up.

After 6-7 rounds the fight firmly swung in the favor of Crawford and it wasn't looking as if momentum was going to swing back the other way. Round 10 looked good for Burns but it was too little too late for the Scot as Crawford Simply picked his man off and threw combinations that his American piers would have all been proud of. Its another blow for British Boxing, another title holder loses his belt and another American stands tall in the division.

Burns still has many options to get back in title contention, as the division is open with possibilities, but he may have to take a back seat for a while after his last 3 fights which lets be honest, were not 3 of his best.

However British Boxing is not all doom and gloom, as Anthony Joshua look as dominant as ever, yes I know he is only 5 fights in, and not against the strongest opponents, but he remains a shining star in the eyes of a nation. With people like Sprott, Harrison, Skelton and Sexton all ranked above him, im sure it wont be too long before we start to see a steady climb to the top of the British rankings from AJ.

In other news, Floyd Mayweather is up to his old tricks again, again at the expense of Amir Khan. Just a week after confirming Marcos Maidana as being the next man Floyd will get in the ring with, the 'Money man' has now confirmed that if Khan can pick up a win against Adrien Broner, he will fight him next. Assuming Khan beats Broner.....which he wont......Mayweathers words, not mine.

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