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Thursday, 26 April 2012

27/04/12 Ringside

Tonights episode of Ringside was a special, focusing on Amir Khan's lifestyle and the training he is putting himself through in order to get in shape for the biggest fight of his career against Lamont Peterson. Johnny Nelson took the trip over to the phillipines to meet with Khan and along the way found himself in the ring sparring wtih world renouned trainer Freddie Roach and P4P king Manny Pacquiao. Khan showed Nelson around the place he was staying, a small 1 bedroom place amoungst the locals that left Khan feeling sometimes isolated, but Khan did admit that it was the isolation that he seeks when he is focusing on the task ahead of him. 5 mile runs in the morning, and regular workouts at the gym are just a small peek at what the English Welterweight challenger gets up to everyday as he moves closer to his rematch.

When showing us around the local area of the phillipines it was very clear that the residents were familier with the sport of Boxing and very familier with the face of thier sporting king Pacquiao, with his face on every street corner it showed the impact he has on all the local familes. Im sure every household, school and playground will be aware of Pacquiao's upcoming bout with Timothy Bradley, and due to Khan being his occasional sparring partner and being based in the same training camp it would seem all phillapinos were aware of the challnge Khan faces.
Whilst Nelson found himself sparring with Roach he was showed a few moves that we can expect to see Khan to execute in the ring, Sparring with Pacqiuao seemed more of a reason for the Pacman to show of his lightning fast hand speed as he danced around Nelson for fun.

Overall a great show that gave us just enough of a preview to see what we can expect in a few weeks time in Khans much anticipated rematch. It left Jim Watt questioning Khans tactics to go out and become so isolated but conceded we will have to wait and see if it was worth while.
Ringside also offered a quick look into the gym of James Degale but not for his Boxing training. Infact it was a boyhood dream that had come true as he met his all time Boxing idol Roberto Duran, who also showed Degale a few moves in the ring.

Tuesday, 24 April 2012

24/04/12 Dawson v Hopkins

Is this one step to far for Bernard Hopkins who this weekend is set to take on Chad Dawson in their long awaited rematch? It must have been eating away at Dawson over the last 6 months with how their last encounter ended, and revenge would be an under statement when best describing how Dawson must be feeling going into this fight. It was last October when in a very brief encounter fight fans were left watching an over the top theatrical Hopkins rolling around on the floor like he had been shot. The official ruling given was a no decision made by the WBC and the Californian Commission instead of the initial TKO win to Dawson. Either way and what ever the official outcome it was a huge let down and tarnished the records of both men, but ultimately it was another Hopkins charade that stole the show, claiming that he had injured his shoulder and there for leaving him unable to continue. Dawson blames the fact that Hopkins climbed on his back and that’s why he threw him off. This weekend on the 28th April, Hopkins has the chance to prove critics wrong and set the record straight and produce a performance reminiscent of that against Jean Pascal a year ago when he outpointed and outworked Pascal over 12 rounds. For Dawson this is a chance to prove his status as an elite Light heavyweight Champion and prove that he can beat Hopkins with pure Boxing ability. No matter what happens I am sure this will yet again be a stand out fight, weather its because of controversy, bad decisions or just great Boxing action, lets face it wins against Winky Wright, Felix Trinidad, Antonio Tarver and Kelly Pavlik prove that a 47yr old Hopkins can win, but for me Dawson will be too quick and strong.

Sunday, 22 April 2012

22/04/12 Degale cruises to victory

James Degale last night retained his European Super-Middleweight crown after a very one sided affair with Cristian Sanavia. Degale never really looked troubled by the 44-5 Italian and cruised his way through to round 4 where he caused most damage. With a height and reach advantage Deagle stood strong and picked his opponant apart, knocking Savania down 4 times in round 4 leaving the referee no choice but to stop the contest. Degale who is now 12-1 willl most likely be chasing a rematch with George Groves after he dropped out of his recent Match up with Champion Robert Stieglitz. Degale has been looking to avenge this defeat since thier classic encounter and is in no better position but now. Its a rematch that everyone wants to see now that Degale has lost some of that Naive Cockyness and started focusing purely on his Boxing ability.

22/04/12 Anthony Crolla v Derry Matthews (British Lightweight Championship)

Last night Liverpudlian Derry Mathews did what many thought impossible and finally won the British Lightweight title from Anthony Crolla. It is now Crolla's third loss of his 26 fight career but this one hurt most, and not just mentally but physically as well. Crolla started the bout brilliant, working his jab and keeping Mathews at distance but by round 3 Mathews found his feet and started to open up some great shots. It was a thrilling round that saw both Boxers fall, Crolla came off worse though as he was left with a very deep cut over his left eye. His corner done a great job of closing up the cut and Crolla came out in round 5 and seemed to be taking control of the fight again, he landed a great body shot on Mathews that left me thinking there wasn't long left before Crolla finishes him. It would serve me right to write off the Veteran Mathews as in the back end of round 6 he rocked Crolla into the ropes, as Crolla tried to steady himself and with Mathews ready to strike the referee stopped the fight with seconds left of the round. Initially i was upset at the desicion to stop the fight but i feel this was down to it being so close to the bell, if it had been half way through the round it would have probably been more accepted, especially as Crolla was dazed and for a moment defenseless. Gutted for Crolla as he has shown such promise over the last couple of years but take nothing away from a brilliant performance by the new Lightweight Champion Derry Mathews.

Thursday, 19 April 2012

19/04/12 News Roundup, Pacquiao, Groves v Degale, Rios to step up, plus more

Pacquiao will not retire yet

According to Welterweight king Manny Pacquiao he has no plans to retire yet, well not until he has crossed Mayweather off his checklist first. It has been reported that one of Pacquiao’s children had said that they wanted their dad to retire but not until he has stepped in the ring with the current P4P Champion. It is a fight that has been circulating the Boxing World for a few years now and nothing has materialised apart from some exchanging of words between camps and a few tweets from both men. Im sure both me will not be thinking of this right now as they both face tough opposition in their upcoming bouts, Pacquiao will be trying to silence the noise coming from Timothy Bradley’s camp, and Mayweather has the task of stopping a certain Puerto Rican, that is making his way back into the mix of the Welterweight elite.

Rios to take next step

After a very close win at the weekend Brandon Rios has declared he will be looking to step up a weight to chase matches like Juan Manuel Marquez and Manny Pacquiao. This decision comes after Rios scored a Split decision win over Richard Abril, an event which also saw Marquez pick up a 12rd UD against Sergy Fedchenko. Im sure Rios was watching in the back analyzing every move Marquez made in the ring questioning if he has what it takes to get in with the Mexican. It’s a match I would love to see and I think Marquez would certainly have his work cut out, but I think the 54-6 Marquez would offer to much, as for Rios v Pacquiao I think we have a while before we were to witness this as the Pacman currently has bigger paydays elsewhere.
A positive for British fight fans is that if Rios does step up it is likely to free up a title for the likes of Burns, Mitchell or Murray.

Groves could face Degale again

George Groves announced this week that it was a no go for his matchup with Robert Stieglitz in May. It was very disappointing to hear and I really hope he can pull through the back injuries and find himself another title shot in the future. Arther Abraham now becomes the mandatory challenger for Stieglitz leaving Groves pushed back and may even have to face a rematch with James Degale.  Degale himself reportedly turned down a match with Stieglitz and opted to defend his European crown against Italian Cristian Sanavia, if he wins this then many would say he is worthy of a chance to avenge his loss to Groves.

Cleverly Pulls out

Welsh Boxing Star Nathan Cleverly has been forced to pull out of his WBO Light Heavyweight bout with Robin Krasniqi due to illness. The current Champion has stated that he has not been able to train for this match and therefore left him no choice but to pull out, it leaves Cleverly in the position where he may have to defend his crown against the WBO’s mandatory challenger Dmitry Sukhotsky. My personal opinion is that he will await the Hopkins v Dawson fight and then whatever the outcome, chase Hopkins.

Klitschko v Thompson…….again……..Really?

It has now been confirmed that Vladimir Klitschko will face a rematch in July against Tony Thompson, a man that he had out boxed and KO’d in the 11th round of their previous encounter. I understand that there is very little out there for Klitschko right now and with no chance of taking on Povetkin due to the Boxing Boards not allowing it due to conflicting titles being up for grabs. So he has been forced to look around, but frustratingly has landed a shot against a man that he has proven he can beat, it simply piles more frustration through the Boxing world with this struggling Heavyweight Division……hurry up Seth Mitchell.

Saturday, 14 April 2012

14/04/12 Tyson Fury v Martin Rogan

From the opening bell it looked as if we may have been wrong to write of Rogan so quickly, i know i certainly had jumped to the conclusion of a Fury win. Rogan came out the blocks with the intent to get at Fury and land some big right handed shots, but what Rogan and the rest of the Boxing world didn't realise was that Fury was coming into this fight with a Southpaw stance. They had told us to watch out for a new Tyson Fury and that we did as the fight unfolded, Fury managed to ride combinations and block most that Rogan had to offer with his new stance and made it look quite comfortable at times. It was in round 4 that after Fury realised it was time to stop touching mits with Rogan and actually start Boxing, that he had the Irishman on the floor with a great straight left shot. After showing the world that he had developed a great defensive technique in training it was time for Fury to unload punches and really come alive in the contest, and the defining shot came right at the end of round 5, a terrific left hand to the body that left Rogan no choice but to retire from the fight. Overall a great contest and another title to add to the record for Fury, Promoter Hennessy has now confirmed he will be looking for the next big fight for Fury as he firmly believes he is behind the Klitchsko brothers as one of the best Heavyweights around, Povetkin might be a good measure if they could land a deal with him, i personally think that an all British fight with David Price should now seriously be considered before he gets in the ring with any of the top Heavyweights.

Tuesday, 10 April 2012

10/04/12 Fury needs convincing win

British Heavyweight Tyson Fury aims to add another title to his record this weekend when he takes on 40 year old Irishman Martin Rogan. Half Rogans age, 6inches taller and boasting an unbeaten 17-0 record, Fury goes into this fight the favorite, but concern has recently been raised over Fury's ability to stay in shape. a dramatic increase in weight, 70 pounds to be exact is what Fury had piled on over the winter and then had to shift again to get in shape for this match. Fury has already given himself a reputation for making rookie errors and being rather clumsy in the ring, the last thing he wants is to carry this reputation outside the ring with him. Fury claims that due to illness in his family he had reached a low point that caused the weight to go on, and has worked hard since to make sure he is in the shape of his life to become the Irish Heavyweight Champion. Due to being televised from early on in his professional career Fury has gained a large British following, many whom believe he is ready to step up to take on the Klitschko brothers. To put it simply Fury is no way in the class of the Klitchsko brothers and still has a lot to learn in the ring before he can challenge for a world title.

I don't want to be negative about a Boxer than shows promise to one day bring home a world title to Britain, but when making a comparison to fellow Heavyweight David Price, i just feel that Fury has to tighten up his movement around the ring and use his size to his advantage when throwing punches. He had proved against Derrek Chisora that he is capable of producing a performance worthy of being the British Champion but this is the only fight where he has looked fully convincing. I really hope that Fury can put together a top class performance against Rogan and not leave me feeling slightly fustrated. There is no doubt that Fury has all the attributes to become a World Champion, its just time that we started seeing it. I have Fury winning this weekend and making a statement with a KO later in the bout.

Sunday, 8 April 2012

08/04/12 Behind Bars

Floyd Mayweather, another name on the list of Boxing stars that have been sentenced to serve their time behind bars. I wanted to put together a list of Boxers that shared the same fate as the current WBC Welterweight Champion and did their time, it’s surprising when looking at this list as you stubble across former Champions and legends of the sport. From as little as a few weeks right up to several years, every ounce of time given to their cells has either, stopped, aided or become the foundation of their success in the sport.

Bernard Hopkins

One of the most famous stories in World Boxing was that of 47 year old Champion Bernard Hopkins. When at the tender age of 17, Hopkins had been caught up in crime for a while and had to learn to survive on the streets he was brought up on and surrounded by. North Philadelphia is where Hopkins was convicted and charged with nine felonies, including armed robbery, and he was sentenced to 18 years in Gaterford Prison. It was during his time behind bars that he witnessed Various attacks, rapes and even murder, but it was also where he found his passion for Boxing. After 5 years Hopkins was released with the warden telling Hopkins he would see him again, to which Hopkins famously replied “I ain’t ever coming back here.”

Sonny Liston

The Original ‘Baddest Man on the Planet’ and in my opinion the scariest and most ferocious man ever to step foot in the ring. Arrested 19 times for various crimes, from Armed robbery to various assaults on police officers. Liston lead his own gang and was often referred to by police officers as the ‘yellow shirt bandit’. It was in 1950 where Liston served 2 years in prison and would find peace with the sport of Boxing, being placed in numerous sparring sessions, one fighter asked if he could leave the ring before Liston killed him. After being released on parole it was straight after that Liston left Philadelphia and went on to take the Boxing world by storm with famous encounters against the likes of Ali and Patterson and became World Champion.

Diego Corrales

One of the best Lightweight Boxers of any era and most famous for his classic encounter with Jose Castillo in 2005 and many regard one of the best fights they have ever seen. It was straight after his loss to pound for pound king Floyd Mayweather that Corrales had been sentenced to 14 months in prison after being charged with abusing his pregnant wife. But it was in 2007, exactly 2 years after writing his name in record books with his fight against Castillo that it all came to a very abrupt end, Corrales was killed in a motorcycle accident but still remembered for his dominance in the ring.

Mike Tyson

So much can be said and written about Mike Tyson but ultimately it was his life outside the ring that would eventually catch up with the former World Heavyweight Champion. Sentenced to 6 years in prison after being convicted of raping an 18 year old Beauty pageant contestant and finally released after 3 years, Tyson would Continue to battle his way back in to the mix of great Heavyweights, most famously against Evander Holyfield and Lennox Lewis. The bad man image seemed to eventually overall the unquestionable skill and technique Tyson had in the ring, and even now writers prefer to talk about what happened outside the ring in Tyson’s personal life and less about what he had achieved in the ring.

Jack Johnson

The first black Heavyweight Champion and a man way ahead of anyone in his division. A Boxing legend that will always have his name firmly stamped in the record books, but Johnson was a man who was permanently trying to escape the clutches of the law. A life of drugs, alcohol and poverty left Johnson turning himself in after being convicted of violating the halt of interstate trafficking of prostitutes.
Regardless to Johnson’s wreck less lifestyle he will always be remembered as the man that paved the way for future World Champions.

Other Mentions

James Kirkland, imprisioned in 2003 and 2009 for armed robbery and possession of a fire arm, now one of Boxing’s hot young prospects and working his way towards a World title.

Dwight Qawi, Convicted of armed robbery and sentenced to 5 years in Rahway state prison where he learned to Box. Qawi would eventually go on to win titles at Lightheavy and Crusierweight and would have an epic battle against Evander Holyfield that will never be forgotten.

Pernell Whitaker, in 1998 entered rehab after testing positive for Cocaine and in 2002 found guilty of possession of Cocaine, Whitaker is now using his incredible Boxing ability as a trainer.

Friday, 6 April 2012

06/04/2012 Today's Boxing Rant

Will we find out who Kell Brook's next opponant will be before the week is out, it was at the start of the week where Brook had left me playing the guessing game after a promising Tweet regarding the name of his next opponant. Names like Paulie Malignaggi, Marcos Maidana, Devon Alexander where the popular choices for me, but whilst i was busy trying to pick his perfect matchup, Brook found himself in a clash of words with fellow countryman Amir Khan. Three weeks ago promoter Hearn told the world that he would love Brook in the ring with Khan, so would the British public but Khan has a job to do against Peterson and in my opinion is out of Brooks league for now. Brook has since mentioned he has no problem with stepping in the ring with Alexander and what a matchup that would be. I think this would be a good measure for Brook to see where he is amoungst the best Welterweights. Either way and whatever the outcome, as a British fight fan i am excited that we may have a Welterweight World Champion before the summer is out.

Sergio Martinez confirms that he has now signed and agreed a deal to fight Julio Ceaser Chavez jr assuming he beats Andy Lee in June. Firstly i could'nt have been more excited, to have one of the best upcoming Middleweights in world Boxing take on the third best P4P boxer in the game. It's a once in a lifetime shot for Chavez, who i personally think stands no chance against the Argentine but does offer  awkward size and ability, but this lifetime shot is still yet to be confirmed from Chavez. I can only wonder why he has'nt signed for this match yet........second thoughts anyone? I really think Chavez needs to have another couple of fights before meeting with Martinez, i wonder if that KO punch against Paul Williams and Dominance over Matthew Maklin might steer Chavez in another direction for a while, to be honest i think i am just holding out for an all Mexican showdown with Saul Alvarez.

Wednesday, 4 April 2012

04/04/12 Kessler Moves up and Hatton's war of words with McGuigan

Kessler steps things up

Mikkel Kessler has made the decision to take his Boxing ability to the Light Heavyweight division. The choice has been made after pulling out of a world title shot with Robert Stieglitz , and he will now face 31-3 Allan Green. I can only feel that it has sunk in that he was never going to able to take on the Super Middleweights elite fighters again. After losses to Johnson and Ward and going the distance with Froch, it would seem that Kessler will now try to work his way to a World title through the Light Heavyweight division. It has been reported that he will be looking to take on the winner of the showdown in April between Chad Dawson and Bernard Hopkins, he will have to fight off competition from Welshman Nathan Cleverly as Promotor Frank Warren has already confirmed he has made Hopkins their next target. We may even get to see the Dane take on Cleverly which would be a good measure to see where Kessler is regarding being a legitimate contender for a World title again.

Hatton Fires at McGuigan

After it was announced that Ricky Hattons very own Scott Quigg would take on Rendall Munroe, a lot of people were left with a disappointed look on their face, none more so than Barry McGuigan, who for some time now has urged Hatton to get his fighter in the ring with Irishman Carl Frampton. Hatton has stated that two days after the Munroe fight was announced McGuigan tore into Hatton saying that he was running scared of his young prospect, Hatton has confirmed that as these comments were made after the signing of Quigg, Munroe which is the fight they wanted and that McGuian should get a grip. Either way I think we will eventually be looking at a match up between Quigg and Frampton, but we may have to wait as im sure that there will be a few other experienced fighters that feel they are further up the line to face the British Champion.

Tuesday, 3 April 2012

03/04/2012 Round up of latest Boxing news

Enzo to defend British Crown in rematch

Enzo Macrinelli faces a rematch against Shane Mcphilbin after picking up a controversial win two weeks ago. The British title holder statedafter the fight that he was happy for a rematch to take place, obviously Macrinelli himself knew how close he was to being knocked out in the first round of their twelve round encounter. Had it not been for the timekeeper missing 47 seconds Mcphilbin was surely on route to knockout Macrinelli. I think Macrinelli will find this tough but will be aware of the threat Mcphilbin holds, it will be a close fight but I do feel the Welshman will get it right this time.

Abraham back on track

Arthur Abraham has landed himself a title shot after a twelve round win at the weekend over Piotr Wilczewski. Abraham will have his eyes set on WBO title holder Robert Stieglitz, but he will have to await his outcome as Stieglitz is due to fight challenger George Groves. Abraham looks to be back on track for a title after battles with Carl Froch and Andre Ward. Abraham will find things tough if he does take on either Groves or Stieglitz but for me can get the job done, it just seems he struggles to take it to the next step against the elite Super Middleweights.

Munroe to step up against Quigg

British Champion Scott Quigg will defend his crown against Rendall Munroe on june the 16th. All eyes will be on the unbeaten Champ after recent talks of him going up against Irish young gun Carl Frampton. Munroe is a former Commonweath and European Champion and will be no push over for Quigg, either way one of Ricky Hattons boys will surely have to step up in their next fight and challenge Frampton.

In other news and 2 points I have to agree with,

A great article on with Sugar Ray Leonard as he has urged Floyd Mayweather and Manny Pacquiao to get it on for the sake of their own legacies,

And a great article in this month’s Boxing Monthly by Graham Houston regarding the rematch between Bernard Hopkins and Chad Dawson. Houston explains this could be a step to far for the 47yr old after his controversial win in their last encounter, and regardless to the ability and upset record that Hopkins has proven in the past, Dawson has to be the favourite here.Hopkins and