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Thursday, 29 March 2012

29/03/12 Chisora appeals

British Heavyweight contender Dereck Chisora has decided to appeal his ban that was given this month from the BBBC, for his recent brawl with fellow Brit David Haye in the aftermath of the Klitschko showdown. Chisora was banned not only for this scrap with Haye but because of his antics in Germany the night before and at the weigh-in with Vitali. Chisora's Promotor Frank Warren has stated that he just wants the opportunity of a fair trial and felt what was carried out before was done incorrectly. After listening to Buncey's Boxing hour last week with Frank Warren he had stated that the whole trial was handled unprofessionly and at one point had both camps and judges all crowded around a little laptop watching the nights shameful actions unfold. Either way the BBBC's comments to Chisora regarding him seeking anger management may not be a bad thing, but from what i hear he definatly deserves a fair trial, especially after so many other Boxing brawls and incidents that have come to light since. 'one rule for one and one rule for all', as the old saying goes. Warren has also confirmed that he is interested in looking at a match-up with the two British Heavyweights and feels Haye and Chisora could still happen.

29/03/12 Reports, Diaries and Experiances

Todays post is something a little different as i want to take this chance to say thank you to some of the writers of the last few books i have read, these books have stood out and derseve to be recognised.
Please take the time to read if you come across these, alternativly ask me if you know me to read mine.

Ringside A treasury of Boxing reportage by Budd Schulberg

Schulberg's extensive knowledge and history with the sport shows through on every page, taking us on a journey from Tom Cribb v Tom Molineaux's first ever international championship fight in 1810, right through to Ricky Hattons destunction of Kosta Tyzu, Bernard Hopkins controversial match with Jermain Taylor and other modern greats. 
Schulberg has watched some of the greatest fights that have ever been put togther, Ali, Frazier, Foreman, Holyfield, Tyson he has seen them all and knew most of them on a personal level as well. A great read i never wanted to put down as i had learned something new on almost every chapter and got a look inside the Boxing world through the eyes of a writer/ reporter that knew every inch of the science.

My View form the corner: A life in Boxing by Bert Sugar and Angelo Dundee

A real compelling read that had me hooked form the moment i entered the first few pages. An inside look of the life of one of Boxing's greatest Trainers and Cornermen. Dundee reveal's every sight, sound and emotion that he has experianced growing up with the sport. The Corruption of his early Boxing experiance's when he was trying to find his way in the world of the sport, his determination to jump in whenever he could and help in any fighters corner just to get himself a job, and of course the day a young man from Kentucky knocked on his door and told him he was going to win the Olympic gold medal and then become World Heavyweight Champion. A great tale of a man desperate to find work and had to experiance every part of life outside the ring before he became a household name when working with Muhammad Ali and Sugar Ray Leanoard.

Becoming Holyfield: A fighters journey

I have read a few AutoBiographies and this one stands out as a tale of a man that would never say no.
Holyfield tells his story of a boy with very little money but a lot of family and a hand from God that helped him become the Warrior he was later known as. A man that lost over a stone in one fight that could have ended his career, a man that had been physically assulted by Mike Tyson and still refused to say no. Holyfield offers us an insight to his personal struggles with the women and children in his life but it had always pushed him to do better in the ring. This book is over 300 pages of hope and determination and deserves to be recognised by all the critics that told Holyfield he would never make it from the day he controversally lost a Gold medal opportunity at the Olympics.

Wednesday, 28 March 2012

28/03/12 Fight of the Century

This summer we look forward to some big fights, its exciting for every boxing fan to witness masters of our time enter the ring and do what they do best. Legends like Bernard Hopkins will take on Chad Dawson, former Pound for Pound king Manny Pacqiuao will look to over come rising star Timothy Bradley and Unbeaten Floyd Mayweather will be trying to defend his crown against Puerto Rican Miguel Cotto.

Just 3 fights that im sure will capture the Boxing nation, but I want to take this chance to recall what is regarded as the greatest fight ever, a match that had even excelled the initial expectations, what other than the ‘Fight of the Century’ between Muhammad Ali and Joe Frazier.
When ever people ask why I have the passion for this sport or how I can watch a sport that is considered barbaric, I would simply say because it is a true art form that needs to be watched to be admired. And if there was one fight that would summarise why this sport is still so popular, so renowned and has captured the hearts of so many fight fans, it would be this classic encounter.

The date had been set, March 8th 1971, the venue was what many consider the home of Boxing, Madison Square Garden and the 2 men entering the ring were unbeaten.
Muhammad Ali entered the fight 31-0 and after beating the likes of Sonny Liston, Floyd Paterson, Ali had established himself as a true Champion and was on a path back from having his Licence stripped due to refusal to join the Vietnam war. Frazier had become World Champion after beating Jimmy Ellis and was now ready for the biggest test of his career as he defended both WBC and WBA titles.
The Garden was a sell out, it was the hottest ticket in town and had celebrities falling over themselves trying to get a seat. Famously it was Frank Sinatra that couldn’t get a ringside ticket so dressed as a camera man and took photos for Life Magazine.
America was divided, people either supported Muhammad Ali and the Anti-Establishment movement Ali had created, or you would be Pro- War and be in the corner of Frazier, what ever side people were on they were to witness one of the greatest matches they would ever remember.

From the opening bell Ali would skip his way around the ring, with lightning fast feet and punches to match, he firmly took his place and dominated the opening round’s. But it was in round 4 where Frazier took his place as a true Champion and hit Ali with some Jabs, Straights and Deadly Hooks that would turn the tide in his favour. As the fight entered the middle few rounds Ali was till in the fight but started to tire, it was anybody’s call at this point and both fighters worthy of winning this fight. The Major turning point in this fight was in round 11 as Ali tasted the left glove of Frazier, it was a signature shot from Frazier and one that Ali would have been aware of going into the bout, but the only thing keeping him from hitting the canvas was the ropes, and even though Ali got through the round it was clear he was hurt.
As both fighters entered round 15 people could sense that the fight was leaning in Frazier’s favour, it would take 1 last stand out shot from either man to get the judges on their side and it would be ‘Smokin Joe’ that landed that shot.
For only the 3rd time in Ali’s career he found himself on his back as Frazier landed another left hook that looked as if it should have removed Ali’s head. The young challenger from Kentucky got back to his feet and continued to fight his way through terrific shots from the Champion.

As the final bell rang the judges would announce that Frazier had retained his title and Ali would come away with a Swollen and Battered Jaw. It had people talking as soon as they had left the arena, had Frazier only won because Ali had just come back from his suspension and was not at full fitness, had Frazier died in hospital the evening of the fight. Either way, one thing everyone who has ever witnessed this fight can agree on, is that it stands above all other bouts as the greatest fight in the history of the sport. I have watched this match on many occasions and it gets better every time, and I sometimes wonder if the people watching that fight, weather they were at home in the streets or in the Garden itself knew that they were going to witness the ‘Fight of the Century’

RIP ‘Smokin’ Joe Frazier 1944-2011, One of my all time Favourite Boxers

Monday, 26 March 2012

26/03/12 Saying Goodbye to a Legend

Today we remember one of Boxing's all time legends, writer and historian Bert Sugar. Editor of Boxing Illustrated and The Ring, and writer of over 80 books. After entering the International Boxing Hall of Fame in 2005 Sugar's health got worse, and today we sadly say goodbye to a true great who will leave a hole in the Boxing world. A man that brightened up the sport through tough times and put the 'sweet' in 'sweet science'

                                              Bert Sugar, June 7, 1937 – March 25, 2012

Sunday, 25 March 2012

25/03/12 Are we saying goodbye to a Mexican legend? and another controversial outcome.

Morales v Garcia

The arena erupted as the Mexican legend entered the ring and must have left Danny Garcia feeling quite overwhelmed. But Garcia didn’t seem fazed by sharing the ring with Morales and went straight to work. It was one of the closest fights of the year in my opinion as both fighters traded shot after shot through 12 rounds and Morales proving he could still mix it up with the young guns. The Mexican started solid and looked the stronger of the 2 men as he lead the fight through the first few rounds, but the longer the bout went the more it played into the hands of the young man from Philly. Going into the later stages of the fight it seemed that the fight could go either way and in round 11 Garcia landed a great straight arm shot on Morales leaving teh Mexican on the floor. This may have turned the tide into Garcia’s favour, but once the final bell rang and the score cards were read, it was Garcias arm raised for the win with one judge having him up as much as 118-112. It was a UD that now puts Garcia right in the mix of the division and may have left the Mexican with a big decision to make.

Kirkland v Molina

It was 2yrs ago that James Kirkland was released from prison and is now right back on winning ways with a victory over Carlos Molina last night. It was a great encounter that last 10 rounds and offered great viewing to the crowd in Texas, but the fight would go no further as Molina was Disqualified for illegally having one of his cornermen enter the ring during the round. Kirkland who is renound for his devastating KO punches and ferocious attacking style started the fight well but soon realised that Molina came with a game plan and it seemed to be working. Aware that Kirkland has a weak chin Molina went after the killer punch on a few occasions, but did so in what seemed to be illegal fashion. Leading with the head and pushing down on Kirkland at every opportunity Molina was able to set himself in every round and sometimes left Kirkland Staring at the referee waiting for him to take action.  But it wasn’t until round 10 when Kirkland hit the Mexican and put him to the canvas, that the referee took action.  As out of the blue, one of Molina’s men jumped in and out of the ring leaving the official no choice but to DQ Molina. The decision did not sit well with the crowd as they were preparing themselves for what would have been a great final 2 rounds, and both fighters seemed unhappy as the fight was stopped. Molina was ahead to 2 of the judges scorecards and was about to produce the biggest win of his career and has now requested a rematch, Kirkland who understands Molina’s annoyance had agreed straight after the bout to the rematch. Dispite of what happened if we do get a rematch prepare yourselves as this will be an epic battle with both men still having a point to prove.

Friday, 23 March 2012

23/03/2012 Great night for Welsh Boxing

Gavin Rees retains his European crown tonight after a 7th round TKO of Anthony Mezaache. It was early on in the fight when Mezaache produced a cut at the top of his head which left blood streaming down his face and at times obscurring his vision. Rees took advantage and went after Mezaache from there on out, this left Mezaache with no other option than to stand toe to toe with the Welshman and go for the knockout knowing that the fight could be stopped at any moment. Mezaache's corner did a great job to keep the cut tidy for as long as they did, but it seemed to be getting worse for the Frenchman as Rees stepped up his game after every round and eventually throwing a great flurry of punches in round 7 left the official no choice but to step in and stop the bout. A great encounter overall and Rees will come away from this with a 36-1-1 record and will now be looking for a bigger fight and most possibly against a fellow British Lightweight.

Also Enzo Maccarinelli Boxed a good fight against Shane McPhilbin tonight to win the British Cruiserweight belt that had eluded him for so long. Maccarinelli entered this fight knowing that he would have to pull off the win without trainer Enzo Calzaghe as he is currently without a License. Calzaghe is without the required first aid course completion that would allow him his training License, and it would have been interesting to see what he had made of tonights performance from the officials that surrounded the ring had he have been there. Mcphilbin had been ruled to have gone down in the later stage of the fight but after close inspection it showed he was muscled to the ground, but the most talked about point will be around the 47seconds that went missing in round 1 from the timekeeper. The BBBC will have their work cut out tonight trying to puzzle together what had happened during the bout, but the most work will have to now come from Maccarinelli as he still looked a shadow of himself and will no doubt have to get back in shape as this is heading straight for another rematch after what happened here tonight.

Thursday, 22 March 2012

22/03/12 An exciting time for British Lightweights & Other news.

Back in the mix for Gavin Rees

This weekend see’s Rees have the chance to prove he is still a contender in the Lightweight division when he takes on Anthony Mezaache. The 35-1-1 fighter has only ever lost to Andrey Kotelnyk and says he is ready to take on the likes of John Murray, Kevin Mitchell and WBO champion Ricky Burns. The Prospects and talent that the British have in the Lightweight division is exciting and almost overwhelming and can only be good for British Boxing. The next couple of years could be very interesting as far as British Lightweight Boxing goes especially if Rees can Produce a win in Paris this weekend

Scott Harrison in trouble again

Former WBO Champion Scott Harrison is in trouble again after recently being released from a prison in Spain. After not boxing for 6 years Harrison was due to work his way back into the mix of the Featherweight division, but is now in trouble after confrontation in a supermarket. Promoter Frank Maloney has decided to drop Harrison and will no longer be promoting the former champion, what a shame after such a promising comeback for the 31 year old Scot. Assuming the BBBC can forgive him again, I’m sure we will see him back in the ring very soon, but for now we will await Harrison’s fate.

Froch v Bute

Nothing but respect has been passed between these to Super Middleweight fighters, and it’s shaping up to be a tremendous encounter. A venue has still not been decided yet after Froch’s camp announced they were looking to have this outside. My concern at this point is that yet again the fight has been given no space to be televised. Nothing has been mentioned of any major sports channel showing the fight, I can’t see this fight being passed up or becoming a PPV event due to the popularity and demand the boxing world have already. Froch has found himself in this position in a few times before and wasn’t until he entered the recent Super six tournament, that he found his way on to our television screens. For me this fight is too big to be passed up.

Wednesday, 21 March 2012

21/03/12 Politics and Corruption

After a quick word with a friend of mine about Nathan Cleverly not being sanctioned to fight Robin Krasniqi, we were left discussing the politics and corruption that always seem to get in the way of the sport we love. It was an issue also addressed in this month’s Ring Magazine titled ‘We’re forgetting why we became fans’.
And it’s a great point that seem’s to always over shadow the sport, the bigger the fight the bigger the controversy. But as stated by David Greisman, Author of Ring Magazines article, we should never look past the action that takes place in the ring, because ultimately that is what sucked us in to the world of the ‘Sweet Science’.

It can be a real frustration when one of the major Boxing boards steps in the way of what could be a great fight in the making. But we have to then move on and look forward to other fights that could offer great viewing. Boxers have also wised up to this and are now dropping belts so they can take the bigger fights and eventually give the fans what they want. Nowadays it comes down to weather or not the boxers actually want to fight or not, if they do, then there will always be a way that the match can be made. The only real thing that gets in the way of big fights happening are the 2 men competing, if there are fingers pointed at the Boxing Boards then surely we need to be pointing them at the Fighters and their Camps as well. Only recently we hear that David Haye has agreed terms with Vitali Klitschko’s camp, but it would seem that communication breaks down when actually trying to make the fight happen. Who is to blame for Floyd Mayweather and Manny Pacqiuao not going head to head, certainly not any of the major Boxing organisations.

I also understand that the corruption has been a part of Boxing from day one, and it show’s no sign of going away. For me it has become such an underline issue through my time of watching Boxing that I have almost grown used to it, and expect to see it now and again.
The question is, does corruption get in the way of the sport, and I would probably say no. I know that when an IBF official is interfering at a Welterweight championship match it can cause a stir, but the match continued and a rematch was ordered, much to the anger of Lamont Peterson. I also know that when Bernard Hopkins roles around on the floor like he had been shot in his Light Heavyweight match against Chad Dawson and then gets the win, it doesn’t look good for the sport, but guess what a rematch has been confirmed. The point I want to get across is that even though obstacles are sometimes thrown in the way of Boxing, the sport never fails to deliver the blood, sweat and tears we have all grown up to love. I would happily sit back and let the politics and corruption continue if it means I get to watch Ali v Frazier, Hagler v Hearns, Mayweather v De La Hoya, Tyson v Holyfield and all the other fights that have never made me forget why I love this sport.

Monday, 19 March 2012

19/03/12 Brook v Khan / Kessler out

Hearn wants Khan Showdown

And what a match it would be, the kind that would have British fight fans talking for years. After Kell Brooks demolition of Matthew Hatton this weekend, promoter Hearn believes he is ready to take on Amir Khan and also believes it has the potential to be a box office match up. It’s certainly a fight that would make sense, I feel Amir Khan would probably look to avoid it as he is currently looking at bigger fish to fry. Is Brook ready for Khan, after this weekend I would probably say yes, but I feel the wise choice would be to take on someone like Ortiz or Berto first, to firmly establish himself in the welterweight mix.

When will we see Kessler again?

Former Super Middleweight Champion Mikkel Kessler has again pulled out of his fight with Robert Stieglitz due to take place in April. It is a continuation of his issue with his right hand that is stopping him from getting in the ring. I really can’t wait for Kessler to get back in the ring as I feel he can really cause a stir amongst the other fighters in the division. Obviously a rematch with Ward would be what everyone wants but it seems that is a long way off yet. It was also reported by Ward himself that Kessler is considering a move up to Light Heavyweight, I don’t know how true this is, but I feel he would be wise to stay where he is and build his way back through the Champions and Former Champions that surround him.

Sunday, 18 March 2012

18/03/12 Martinez v Maklin

Last night Sergio Martinez confirmed himself as the best Middleweight Boxer on the planet, and again proving why he is classed as the 3rd best pound for pound fighter around. The fight lived up to everyones standard right from the frirst bell, it was in round 2 where Martinez caught Maklin with a vicious shot that rocked him but didnt really trouble him, this was confirmed with a smile. That smile seemed to be getting bigger as they moved into the middle rounds and Maklin showing that he could mix it up with Martinez as the traded blows and Maklin looked to be landing the bigger shots. But it was towards the back end of the fight that Martinez really showed his class, after taking a hit in round 9 and suffering a knockdown with one hand touching the canvas, he re-asserted himself and came on very strong, Moving through the gears Martinez boxed in round 10 and 11 like he did in round 1 and 2, and eventually catching Maklin with some great combinations. It seemed that anything Macklin tried to throw, the Argentine had already beat him to it. And in round 11 it got too much for the irishman as he was knocked down in a bad way and as the bell sounded to signal the end of the round it seemed Maklin’s night was over. This was confirmed when his corner pulled himout of the fight leaving Martinez 49-2-2. It was Maklins 4th professional loss and it will be interesting to see where he goes now, for me he is still one of the best middleweights around and should be proud of the performance he put in. After 2 big wins against Paul Williams and Maklin, Martinez will be looking for another high profile fight that could see him really make a move on Pacquiao and Mayweather for the pound for pound crown.

Saturday, 17 March 2012

17/03/12 Brook stamps his mark on the division & Frampton eyes Quigg

Kell Brook v Matthew Hatton
As Predicted from the opening bell it was Kell Brook who dominated the fight leaving Hatton clutching at any avaliable straw to stay in the fight. Starting out very cagey it was Brook out of the two fighters that stepped it up in round 5, hitting Hatton with some great straight shots that he simply could not stop. From this point Hatton was always on the back foot which played right into Brook’s hands, throwing some outstanding 1-2 combination shots that looked as if they would stop Hatton from going any further in the bout. It was in round 9 that the ‘Special one’ hit Hatton with a counter punch that left Hatton on the canvas and had the crowd thinking the fight might be over, but Hatton fought on in a stubborn manner and would not give in. Ironically the best shot of the night came from Hatton in round 10 as Hatton threw a hard left hook that caught Brook on the chin but it didn’t seem to bother the Champion. A valient effort from Hatton to go the distance but never looked to really cause an upset, Brook now stamps his mark on the division and will be looking for matchups against the likes of Andre Berto or Victor Ortiz. Both fighters did british fight fans proud but it was Kell Brook that will have every fan worldwide talking.

Carl Frampton v Prosper Ankrah
Frampton proving again why he is one to watch in the Bantamweight division, making quick work of Ankrah. Frampton didn’t seem to work the jab as well has he could and wanted to make a statement by landing a big punch early on, that big punch didn’t come untill round 2. Ankrah proved a slippery customer but wasn’t  quick enough when Frampton caught him on the chin and the head to send him crashing to the floor. Frampton now moves on and will be looking for the match everyone wants against Scott Quigg, hopefully we will be seeing it very soon and according to both fighters we will.

Kerry Hope v  Grzegorz Proska
After an intense 12 round battle Kerry Hope walks away with the European Middlweight crown against Grzegorz Proska. It looked to be going in Proska’s favour at the start of the fight but after a clash of heads and suffering a bad cut above the left eye, Hope took advantage and worked the ring well and produced some great boxing. Both men struggled towards the back end of the fight due to lack of experiance with going 12 rounds, but Hope seemed the stronger and had more left in the tank in the last few rounds and that is what had carried him across the finish line. A great fight and a well deserved win for Hope.

Friday, 16 March 2012

16/03/12 'The Jackal'

As we stumble into the 17th March, otherwise known as St Patricks day i wanted to take this opportunity to do an article on 25 year old Featherweight Carl ‘The Jackal’ Frampton. A great prospect to come out of Belfast,  Northern Ireland, and a 12-0 professional. Winning the Irish Flyweight and Featherweight titles in 2005 and 2009 and a silver medal at the amateur Boxing Championships, Frampton turned professional and beat Sandor Szinavel. 2010 saw Frampton beat Scot Gavin Reid to win the Celtic title and be named prospect of the year, his last fight on the 28th January saw Frampton successfully defend his Commonwealth Super Bantamweight title which he won in September against Mark Quon. Barry McGuigan describes Frampton as the best prospect out of Ireland and makes it very clear that Frampton is one to watch. Everyone will now be looking at Frampton to take on British Champion Scott Quigg as they both look to dominate and lay claim to being the best in the division. Frampton has reportedly called out Quigg but nothing has really materialised yet. One thing for sure The Jackal is defiantly one to keep a close eye on in the future.

Wednesday, 14 March 2012

14/03/12 Chisora Banned

Today it was confirmed that Derek Chisora has had his Boxing licence withdrawn from the British Boxing Board of Control. I can't say im surprised, but can’t help feel slightly annoyed. As stated in one of my early posts regarding this matter, i feel the BBBC have used this to make an example of Chisora. They had confirmed at the hearing that they do not approve of what happened after the fight and neither do i, but lets be honest worse has happened before and dare i say it will happen after and nothing is done. They have said that they will wait to see what Chisora does now as he does have the option to appeal the desicion,  if this falls through he can re apply for his licence. If he does not appeal then obviously the desicion stands. The BBBC have stated that Chisora can also re apply for his licence at any time, but as of now the desicion is final and they have no plans right now of changing thier final ruling. This has left Chisora with one option which would be to apply for a licence abroad, and Chisora would be the first one to probably tell you he is already on a plane to reach an agreement elsewhere. When asked what he thought of the decision chisora simply said “Three letters...MGM”
I think we can all agree that we may see Chisora scheduled to fight again before the year is out, it just wont be against a Klitschko.

Monday, 12 March 2012

12/03/12 Best of British

Due to requests from 2 people very close to me, today’s post will be regarding 2 of the best fighters to have ever come out of Britain. Randolph Turpin and Sir Henry Cooper, arguments regarding these Boxers confirm that they may well be good enough to be placed amongst the best boxers that have ever lived. For me they don’t rank within these elite men, but they do stand tall as 2 of the best Boxers England have ever produced.

Randy Turpin

A Middleweight fighter that crossed over 2 decades with a record of 66-8-1, earning his status as probably one of the best European Middleweights to have entered the ring, claiming the European crown form Dutchman Luc van Dam after a 48 second Knockout. By this point Turpin had already avenged his defeats and was inline for a World title shot. The task in hand seemed mountainous as he would have to beat probably the best Middleweight that has ever lived in Sugar Ray Robinson. The venue was Earls court in London where Turpin not only beat Robinson but over 15 rounds, completely outclassed him. It proved to be the fight of his life and made him not only a national hero but world known, but it wouldn’t last long, 64 days to be precise.
Robinson had a rematch clause that produced an instant Middleweight classic, producing one of the biggest crowds ever in New York City. Turpin went at Robinson like he did in their last encounter and managed to produce a cut over the eye of Robinson, the cut was so bad Robinson knew he would have to pull everything out the bag as the fight could be stopped at any moment. After knocking down Turpin once, Robinson then produced a combination of punches that forced the fight to be stopped and Turpin’s reign was over.
Turpin then went on to lose to Carl Olson on a UD, a loss Tupin put down to issues in his personal life. He returned to England and Won the Lonsdale and British belts, but victories were becoming Complacent and his personal life seemed to be getting worse, issues with marriage and business seemed to be getting in the way of his career, Turpin’s final bout in 1958 saw him lose to Yolande Pompey after 2 rounds. In 1966 Turpin committed suicide, it would prove that boxing was his break away from a very distorted personal life.

Henry Cooper

A national treasure and one of my personal favourites of the ring, Cooper was a British Heavyweight who won both British and European crowns but never became a World Champion but came very close. In 1959 Cooper beat Brian London and became the holder of the British title, with the winner of that fight going on to face Floyd Patterson, unfortunately Cooper refused to the fight and it was London who went on to lose to Patterson. It seemed Jim Wicks who was Coopers manager was pulling the strings and would never allow his fighters in the ring with anyone he thought was cause his fighter damage, after being asked if he could setup about between Cooper and Sonny Liston he famously stated ‘I wouldn’t allow ‘Enry into the same room as him. Let alone the same ring’. Fights the British public would have thrived to witness and fights that would have defined Cooper seemed to never materialise, going on to defend his British title against numerous fighters including a rematch with London and then suffering a loss to Zora Folley a highly ranked fighter.

Cooper’s Shot would then come, it was what he had dreamed of and found himself the contender for the World Championship against Muhammad Ali.
It was this fight that put Cooper on the map and remains even now, his greatest moment in the ring. Going into the fight Cooper was lighter, slower and a much more sluggish fighter than Ali, and it would have seemed that the only way to stop Ali was to get in his face, and this is what he did. Ali complained of certain shots he was taking that were very close to the rules during the fight, but in round 4 Ali had no time to complain about the famous left hook of Coopers that left him flat on his back in the ring. Ali regained himself to score a TKO win due to the fight being stopped as Cooper developed a bad cut under his eye. But it was after the Knock down and at the end of round 4 that will always be remembered. Ali initially fell and his head landed on the bottom rope, which in many people’s eyes stopped him from a certain knockout. After composing himself and getting to his feet it was legendary trainer Angelo Dundee that guided Ali to his stall and then proceeded to use smelling salts to regain the Champion. After recognising that Ali was still unsteady after Coopers hook, Dundee then made a tear in one of Ali’s gloves forcing the referee to pause the bout to get the glove re taped, but to also give Ali those valuable few seconds to find his rhythm and go on to retain his world title. This would be closest Cooper ever got to a World title.

Cooper then went on to finally fight Patterson but lost in round 4, he then went undefeated claiming the European title to his name along the way, but it was against Joe Bugner in 1971, his final fight, he would lose his Crown in a closely fought match. Bugner was awarded the fight on points and Cooper then went on to announce his retirement from the ring.

Both Fighters will go down as Boxing legends in Britain and will be known worldwide for their 1 moment when they shocked the Boxing world, Turpin proving that you could outbox Robinson and Cooper showing everyone how you KO Muhammad Ali…..well nearly.

Sunday, 11 March 2012

11/03/12 What next for Burns?

The question on the lips of every british fight fan. Ricky Burns got the job done last night after beating Paulus Moses and coming away with the UD after 12 rounds and his WBO Lightweight title. I will admit there were certain points in the fight that i thought Moses hurt Burns, some of the body shots he was landing seemed to make Burns take a moment to re compose himself. But compose himself he did, at the start of every round and looked overall very impressive. Throwing great combinations Burns at times looked like all he needed was that final KO punch, something critics say is what Burns is lacking. But big punch or not, the hard work and clever movement around the ring allowed him to out box Moses in nearly every round. For me it seemed only a few rounds went in the favour of Moses but they could be the deciding rounds if Burns was to take on a classier fighter in Mitchell or Rios, Gavin Rees has also thrown his name into the mix. For the British public Burns v Mitchell is a must, but for everyone else i think the propsect of Burns taking on Undefeated Lightweight Brandon Rios is a tastier encounter. I guess we wait and see what this summer holds, one thing for sure, watch out because Burns is proving that he is the real deal.

Saturday, 10 March 2012

The Greatest Ever

So who is the Greatest Boxer of all time, a question that has been asked every moment a new elite boxer enters the list of all time greats. I will be looking at the best boxers that have ever entered the ring from 1900 – present, but please remember this is my opinion, ultimatly this will always be up for discussion, i will be building up to who i think is my all time greatest boxer.

(images have been purchased and are a part of my personal collection)

Floyd Mayweather 

I understand that Floyd Mayweather will not come close to some of the Fighters in my list, but he is for me the best Boxer of recent times and a Superstar that is currently crossing over the sport from the 1990s era of Boxing. Another Boxer of controversial nature but take nothing away from his incredible skill and technique inside the ring. For me there is only 1 other boxer that could counterpunch like Mayweather, and that was Muhammad Ali. Mayweathers ability to move about the ring at such a rate that other boxers would get tired just trying to hit him, and once they could manage to land a shot it was very rare that they would'nt get hit themselves. Wins against Corralles, Castillo, Gatti, De La Hoya, Marquez and Mosely has placed Mayweather amoungst some of the greatest Boxers of all time. Does he need to fight Manny Pacquiao to solidify his status as one of the best ever? for me no, it would only increase his already pound for pound champion status.

Mike Tyson
One of the most powerful punchers that have ever entered the ring. I would like to point out that in no way is this a contradiction to my post a couple of days ago. As i firmly believe he could have been one of the greatest if it wasnt for his life outside of the ring. Take nothing away from ‘Iron Mike’ because for 4 years of his career before he was sentance to 6 years in prison he dominated the heavyweight division like no other. With his biggest wins coming against Trevor Berbick, Larry Holmes and Michael Spinks, Tyson finished his career with 50 wins out of 58 fights and what was most impressive was that 44 of those 50 fights was won by KO. I put Tyson in my list for his ability to scare his opponants before they even entered the ring due to being so fast and powerful with his punches, but also his defensive technique, which stopped so many boxers from being able to come close to hurting him. The reason he wont be entered any higher on my list is due to his losses to Douglas, Holyfield and later on Lewis, as it seemed anytime Tyson encountered a Boxer who could stand toe –to –toe with him or mess with his game plan he couldnt handle it and would go on to lose these fights on lack of ability or stupidity.

Julio Ceaser Chavez
A 25 year career that saw Chavez remain as the best pound for pound boxer for many years. A six time world champion at 3 different weights and without doubt the best Boxer to come out of Mexico. Chavez holds the record for the longest undefeated streak, over 13 years and ending up 89—0-1 going into his first loss. He also holds the record for the most consecutive defenses of the world title (27) and most title victories (31). Training legend Angelo Dundee said that Chavez had the strongest chin of any Boxer ever, weather this be true or not fights against Camacho, Haugen and Whitaker proved that Chavez was able to take a shot to the chin but also give out some of the most devestating hooks by any fighter in the ring. Chavez earns his place on my list with his ability to take any boxer to the trenches and stand and fight with his opponants leaving him with a Career record of 107-6-2, thats impressive by any measure.

Joe Louis
One of the most iconic and defining sportsman in the history of the sport. Louis ended his career with a great record of 69-3-1. With 2 wins over the boxing technician Jersey Joe Walcott and a win over Billy Conn, and ending his Career with a boxing classic against Rocky Marciano where he was beat by TKO in round 8, it was infact his 2 encounters with German Max Schmeling that would shape not only the sport of Boxing but every Sport you see around today. In 1936 Schmeling handed Louis his first loss with a 12th round KO, which had given not only Schmeling but the whole German race led by Adolf Hitler the right to declare his white race the perfect race that could not be beaten. It was in 1938 that Louis seeked his redemption and defeated Schmeling in round 1 with a TKO, he had defied all odds and made a statement for the Black race and all other races that were being torn apart at this point. It was not long after louis was announced the winner that all German radio stations were cut off from the fight and the fight would be completly ignored. Louis was assigned to a Calvelry unit during WW2 where he served his country and continued to do celebrity tours during the war with Sugar Ray Robinson. A true legend of the sport that has to be on my list for his Life changing 3mins against Schmeling.

Rocky Marciano
49-0, Undefeated and never lost his World Heavyweight crown. Marciano goes on my list as one of the greatest Boxers ever due to his incredible wins over some of the best heavyweights of the time and his hard hitting brawling style which saw Marciano so determined that he would walk out of every one of his fights the winner and left him only ever getting knocked down twice. His win over Joe Louis probably being his most famous, but incredible matches with Jersey Walcott and Ezzard Charles over 13 and 15 rounds proved why Marciano was such an incredible Boxer. Winning a title eliminator in 1952 and never letting it go, Marciano bridged a period of Heavyweight Boxing until his last win against Archie Moore in 1955. 

Jack Dempsey
The Manassan Mauler, although not even close to the stature of todays heavyweights it is known that Jack Dempsey had the most powerful punch ever inside the ring. Winning 66 of his 83 fights it doesn’t initially look like the most impressive record by a boxing legend, but when watching the fights Dempsey was in, you will see that this wasn’t just the modern day 12 rounds of dancing inside the ring, this was the 1900’s and these were fights that would have very little of today’s major ruling. Boxers would literally fight until the other could not stand. If you want to see Dempsey at his fighting best please see the Jess Willard bout in which saw Dempsey hand 7 knockdowns just in round one and go on to win in round 3. People would come from all over to watch Dempsey beat fellow fighters usually in devastating fashion, he was also the first boxer to break the $1,000,000,000 gate. Dempsey was in no way the greatest boxer ever but most certainly one of the most iconic.

Muhammad Ali

Where do you start when trying to compile everything that Muhammad Ali has acheieved throughout his Boxing career, inside and outside the ring Ali built himself a reputation that has now gone down as him being 'The Greatest'. Altho he is not number 1 on my list he comes very close, and i think he would for any boxing fan. It is hard to deny that Ali stood out from the crowd with his Loud mouth, cocky yet confident attitude and ultimatly his Boxing talent. 61 fights and 56 wins, but this is usually over looked as some of the losses on his record came at a time when Ali was definatly past his best. The 2 main losses on his career came against Frazier and Norton, nothing to be ashamed of, especially as Ali found redemption against both of these losses. February 26th 1964 was Ali's defining day, and a day that he had predicted he would acomplish before he had even won gold at the Olympics, he had done what many thought impossible and beat the fearsome Sonny Liston. His lightning fast hand and foot speed helped him produce another win against Liston in round 1, and further wins against Floyd Patterson, Henry Cooper and Cleveland Williams. But Ali's most famous of wins were against Joe Frazier in 1974 and 1975. Ironically his most famous loss was against Frazier in the 'Fight of the Century' in 1971, i have watched this fight numerous times and it gets better every time, many say that Ali would have won if he hadn't have just completed his prison sentance for refusing to engage in the Vietnam War. Further wins against George Foreman, Ken Norton and Leon Spinks took Ali to the end of the most famous career in Boxing history. A career made up of dramatic Match ups, controversial interviews and political and religious stands. Stripping everything away and looking at Ali as just a Boxer he was not the best, but as a complete package...... he was by far 'The Greatest'

Sugar Ray Robinson

My number 1 all time greatest Boxer is Sugar Ray Robinson, i was torn between Robinson and Ali but for me Robinson edges it due to his incredible Ring Record and wins over some of the greatest Boxers that have ever lived. With a total of 173 wins over 200 fights, Robinsons record stands as one of the best ever. The best boxer over Welterweight and Middleweight divisions and holder of both world titles, this caused sports writers to create the first ever pound for pound world champion and Robinson was that man. Robinson is the only Boxer i have watched that could produce the same amount of devistating power in every type of shot he threw from either arm. Robninson could work the jab better than anybody in the ring, and for some Boxers even facing the power Robinson could put into a jab was enough. Outside the ring he was a larger than life character that was renouned for having one of the biggest entourages to follow him, Trainers, coaches, vocal coaches, barbers, dancers, secretary and many woman. He was not only a performer in the ring but ouitside as well, a trained singer and dancer who like Jack Dempsey, owned his own resturant that would show some of the biggest talent in the music world. Over a 26 year career Robinson beat hall of famers such as, Carmen Basillo, Henry Armstrong, Gene Fullmer, Randy Turpin, Rocky Graziano and Jake La motta (as pictured above). Joe Louis, Muhammad Ali and Sugar Ray Leonard have all been quoted saying that Sugar Ray Robinson is the best ever, and Ring Magazine both have hime as the Greatest Boxer that has ever lived, and i have to agree.

Friday, 9 March 2012

09/03/12 Ringside

What a great episode of this week’s Ringside, with special guest star and Mexican boxing legend Marco Antonio Barrera. The guys also looked forward to the upcoming all British bout between Kell Brook and Matthew Hatton. Going into both gyms in Manchester and Sheffield they showed both boxers preparing for the fight that could shape the next stage of their careers. Brook looked very calm and relaxed about the whole occasion and when telling us about the recent birth of his baby why this has been great motivation for him to take his training and fights to the next level. Hatton on the other hand had a very determined look about him, stating that even though he is very proud of his brother Ricky, it was time for him to come out of the shadows and write his own legacy.
Throughout the show they asked Barrera about his past battles, fights with British fighters Paul Lloyd and Richie Wenton and his biggest British encounter with Nassem Hamed. Barrera recalls a great match with Hamed, but in no way is hardest fought battle. That came on 3 different occasions with his most bitter Mexican rival Erik Morales, in the space of 4 years and across the 3 encounters Barrera won twice, and even though critics say Morales had beat him in the second fight, he argues that he had beat Morales in the first fight. Overall it was a trilogy that Boxing will never forget and seems to have left a very sour taste in the mouth of Morales as Barrera recalls asking him to put everything in the ring behind them and look at being friends, to which Morales declined.
Barrera showed his true passion for the sport and need to help others progress further when he was shown Sparring rounds with the likes of Anthony Carolla and Scott Quigg. Barrera saying that these guys were honoured to be in the same ring as him and that he was always happy to show off his skill and technique to them. Recalling losses to Jones and Pacquiao he was asked if he would ever consider entering the ring again, to which he said he would, if his mum would let him.

Thursday, 8 March 2012

08/03/12 Ricky Burns & Manny Pacquiao

This Saturday Ricky Burns will be defending his WBO lightweight crown against the 27-1 Namibian Paulus Moses. Burns was awarded the WBO title a few weeks back as Marquez has stepped up and had to drop the belt. Burns knows himself if he can pull through this challenge he will be in line for a bigger payday.
Burns has said he will be looking for a summer showdown with fellow Brit Kevin Mitchell, but also admitted he will not be taking this fight lightly as Moses has proven a tough competitor with 19 of his 28 wins coming by way of Knockout.
I really like Burns and can see him totally dominating this fight right from the first bell, Moses I believe will be looking for an early KO as he knows the longer the fight goes on the less likely he is to out box and point Burns.
I fully expect for Burns to look towards Mitchell for this summer, a fight that all British boxing fans can really look forward to. (But that post is for another day)

In other news the Forbes 24th richest athlete in the world Manny Pacquiao faces a Criminal Complaint as he has failed to produce documents that proved his tax returns after being asked many times from investigators. Pacquiao has before been investigated due to discrepancies being found in his 2010 Tax return for businesses, properties and shares. If guilty he could face imprisonment for up to 2 years. I’m sure things will be fine for Pacquiao, and it certainly won’t affect him in the ring, but could leave a mark on his native Philippines where he is currently a politician.

Tuesday, 6 March 2012

06/03/12 The Baddest Man on the Planet


 A World Champion at the age of 20, a 3yr prison sentence at the age of 26 and a record of 50 wins of which 44 came by the way of KO. A quick summary of why Mike Tyson was regarding as one of the best, yet most dangerous Heavyweights that have ever entered the Boxing ring. But was he really as good as the legacy he leaves behind say’s he is, or was it just publicity over the years due to ‘Iron Mikes’ personal life and wild antics in the ring.
I appreciate this is an ongoing argument that has thrown about for some time and will never really be settled. But I would like to put across my thoughts on Mike Tyson, and to why we shouldn’t be asking ‘was he really that good?’ But, ‘Could he have been that good?’

For a guy that has stamped one of the biggest marks on the sport, it makes it near impossible to think where to start, so I’m going to jump straight ahead to 1986, and the biggest day of Tyson’s career. Tyson was 27-0 when it was announced he would take on 31-5 Jamaican / Canadian Trevor Berbick, and from the moment Berbick entered the ring you could see the fear in his eyes due to the reputation Tyson had built himself. With 27 of these fights Tyson had entered, he scored a 1st round KO in 15 of them, and Berbick knew as soon as that first bell rang, Tyson would be out of his corner like a greyhound out of its cage and would be hunting for that prolific first round KO again. It wasn’t quite the 1st round but Tyson had won the WBC Crown with a 2nd round TKO, Berbick never knew what hit him.

Tyson was a breath of fresh air, a revelation and exactly what the heavyweight division needed at the time. Tyson took it by the scruff of the neck and made it his own. With wins over James Smith, Tony Tucker, Larry Holmes, Michael Spinks and Frank Bruno in his following 8 fights, he had now became the first heavyweight to unite the WBC, WBA and IBF titles, and it was common knowledge that ‘Iron Mike’ was the man to beat and couldn’t be stopped.
But in Boxing we all know, if there’s a good thing to be said, there’s always criticism to be made, and that came thick and fast. Larry Holmes had already lost twice to Michael Spinks before going into the ring with Tyson and many considered him to be past his Boxing Peak, starting the fight working the jab beautifully but quickly came crashing down as Tyson proved to fast and strong for him. When Michael Spinks lost at the hands of Tyson he decided to retire only 3 years after stepping up from Light heavyweight and winning the IBF crown. Critics claim that Spinks never looked interested and not at his best. Frank Bruno looked to have had the upper hand with Tyson as he wobbled him in the first round but Tyson finished strong in Round 5, critics again claiming that Bruno was never tough opposition and was never going to beat Tyson, most of the British nation watching that night would probably tell you otherwise. I will say the same as I do when defending the Klitschko Brothers, he can only beat what is put infront of him, and he did.

Tyson had a lot of in ring ability that has always been over shadowed by his ferocious nature when stepping foot in the ring, his defensive skills have always been overlooked. Using a Peek-a-Boo defensive stance, Tyson was able to move quickly around the ring and not be hurt, but could also switch his hands to his sides and throw some of the most powerful hooks and uppercuts ever seen in boxing.
This was something Tyson had seemed to leave behind when stepping in the ring with James Buster Douglas who beat Tyson in 10 Rounds with a KO punching flurry even Tyson himself would have been proud of. Putting aside all conspiracy theories, motivational stories, Douglas on the day was a better boxer than Tyson, and again critics where soon to jump on Tyson after the 1st loss of his career. Heading for a Divorce and parting with manager Bill Cayton couldn’t have been good for Tyson’s mind set going into the fight, but ultimately choosing to fire trainer Kevin Rooney would prove tough for Tyson to handle. Rooney took Tyson under his wing after the passing Cus D’Amato and turned Tyson into the fighter that the world feared and he was now being relived of his duties. I personally put a lot of this down to Don King’s involvement, but I won’t go into that as I have many opinions on Don King and ill save them for another post. (None of them are nice opinions).

With his first loss on his record the scandals, bad publicity and controversy seemed to follow very quickly. In 1992 after beating tough man Donovan Ruddock Tyson was sentence to Prison, serving 3 of his original 6 year sentence he would be released and eased back into the ring. With his reputation at an all time low and after 4 wins, including a WBC championship win over Frank Bruno, Tyson would have the chance to clear his name of all this criticism when it was announced he would take on Proven Heavyweight Evander Holyfield with the WBA belt up for grabs. In the first of 2 encounters Holyfield Boxed the fight of his life and in round 11 hit Tyson with a combination of punches that the ref thought left Tyson in a state where he couldn’t continue further, Tyson was never able to find his rhythm as Holyfield tied him up any way he could. Frustration would creep in further in the 2nd encounter between these to men. In what is regarded as one of the most memorable fights in boxing history, both men were at the same point as the last fight. With Holyfield holding and leading with the head doing everything he could to stop Tyson from finding his rhythm, Tyson could take it no longer and had 2 points taken from him for biting Holyfield’s ear, getting more and more aggravated Tyson was then Disqualified from the fight for Biting Holyfield a second time.
Watching the fight back you can see why Tyson was getting so frustrated as he was never allowed to box the way he was famous for, Holyfield’s game plan had worked for a second time, albeit at the cost of his ear.

It is at this point of Tyson’s career that I can safely say he is not one of the greatest heavyweights that have entered the ring. Coming up against a fighter that was not scared of him, like Douglas. And had great Boxing ability, just like British Champion Lennox Lewis, Tyson seemed to struggle.
I won’t be going any further with Tyson’s career as I feel there is no point and I feel I have covered Tyson’s best years in Boxing. I understand that the Lewis fight was one of the biggest but certainly not one of his best. Tyson was never at his best and it was a mismatch from the start of the fight being announced. From here on out it was more for promotion and a payday and less about what happened in the ring for Tyson.

The question I asked at the start of this thread was ‘could Tyson have been that good?’ and the answer is yes he really could have been, but for me he was a long way of being great. His dominant years between 1986 and 1990 was through a very weak heavyweight period, and even though Tyson acted as a great ambassador when carrying the division across 2 major periods, but that soon fell away when he stepped in the ring with a fighter that didn’t fear him, or a fighter that could match and better his ability in the ring. I tried to stay clear of his personal life throughout this thread but it seemed near impossible, as ultimately it was his personal life that got in the way of his boxing career. Tyson would have most defiantly been an all time great, he had the punches’ of George Foreman, the hand speed of Muhammad Ali, the power of Rocky Marciano, the defensive ability of Joe Walcott, the hook of Joe Frazier, the ‘Bad Man’ image of Sonny Liston and the Status of Joe Lewis, but for me never quite got close to being as good as these Heavyweights. But I never would have said this to the young 20yr old champion that certified himself as the ‘Baddest man on the planet’.

Monday, 5 March 2012

05/03/12 Cinnamon to strong for Sugar?

When it was announced that Saul ‘Canelo’ Alvarez will be facing Shane Mosley on the 5th of May i have to be honest I was very excited. For 2 reasons, the first being that it was on the undercard of what could potentially be the fight of the year, and also that Alvarez will finally be coming up against a guy that could cause him more problems that he is used to.
Don’t get me wrong I am a huge fan of Canelo but it has come to light that he has never really faced anyone that could trouble him. Since winning the vacant WBC light middleweight against Matthew Hatton, Alvarez has gone on to win 3 fights on TKO decisions against Rhodes, Gomez and Kermit Cintron. I really thought that Cintron would cause him more problems than he did but Alvarez never looked troubled. Whilst Alvarez was contemplating his next move, Mosley was still recovering from the destruction and class that he had come up against when he fought Manny Pacquiao 6 months before. Mosley’s last win came at the hand of Antonio Margarito in 2009, a fight which Mosely showed his in ring ability and got the TKO win in rd 9. He then went on to lose to Floyd Mayweather. After having Mayweather on the canvas early on he seemed to have peaked to early and allowed Mayweather to come back and dominate the fight, Mosleys age had seemed to caught up with him through the later stages of the bout. A draw against Sergio Mora left people asking if it was now time to stop and leave the ring behind him, something Mosley admits himself he wouldn’t be doing due to his love for the sport.

Mosley thinks experience will be the important factor when these to men clash in Las Vegas, with a 19yr age gap between these 2 men it will certainly prove interesting to see what approach both fighters take to the ring. Overall I think this will be exactly what Alvarez needs to take him to the next step, a high profiled fight with a 3 weight winning champion. This is exactly what Frank Warren is looking for with Nathan Cleverly as they pursue a match-up with Bernard Hopkins.
The fight every boxing fan is crying out for is an all Mexican clash between Alvarez and Middleweight Julio Ceaser Chavez, but we know this is a way off at the moment as both boxers try to build themselves a bigger resume’ before thinking about crossing paths. And for Alvarez, taking on Shane Mosley is a perfect stepping stone when climbing nearer to a super fight. For Mosley, he has proved already he can mix it up with the Mexican style of boxing but this is a must win fight, and if he does he will walk away the WBC championship and we might just be seeing a little more than we thought of ‘Sugar’ Shane in the future. For me, experience or not, I think Mosley will struggle to come to terms with the speed and power Alvarez Possesses, Mosley’s heart will carry him to the end of the fight but I can see a 12 rd UD for Alvarez.

Saturday, 3 March 2012

03/03/12 Wladimir Klitschko v Jean Marc Mormeck

It was inevitable,  Wladimir Klitschko retains his crown and solidifies his status as the best heavyweight in the world. To be fair Mormeck never came close and seemed to throw less punches than Harrison did against Haye, trying to work on the inside but was never allowed to stay there. As soon as Mormeck came close to try and work on the inside and throw punches up close, he was pulled away and asked to work from arms length. This was a technique that Klitschko is used to and was happy to fight from distance, working that infamous jab from the opening bell.  Mormeck on the other hand is a toe to toe fighter and was never allowed to fight his fight. The true professional of the sport now stands proud that he has joined the 50 knockouts club, but has this record been tarnished with the ongoing critisism that he will not fight outside germany or have officials handle the fight the way he wants them to. Klitschko would argue that he still has to do the hard work and beat the man standing infront of him, it just seems to be a little easier when the official favours his style of boxing and will not look at stripping him of any points if he bends the rules. (in refrence to the constant pushing down on Mormecks head and clentching)
We now look forward from this towards his next fight, rumours are now leaking that he will have to fight his brother Vitali or they will be stripped of thier titles. Dont really know if this would benifit the sport or not, i just think it would be nice to see one of them lose once in a while. It seems to have also been confirmed that the heavyweight match we all want, Povetkin v Klitschko will never happen as the 3 boxing bodys will never agree to have all the titles up for grabs in one fight. It would seem that nobody is avaliable to fight, hence why we keep getting weight mismatches from boxers stepping up from cruiserweight. I guess we just wait and see what happens in this less than great division right now, Seth Mitchell, David Price, Tyson Fury? One thing for sure it wont be David Haye because according to him, it has been confirmed he will be fighting Vitali Klitschko. And it certainly wont be Derrek Chisora.

Friday, 2 March 2012

02/03/2012 Amir Khan

I have been asked a few times for my personal opinion on the former WBA and IBF light welter weight champion, is he good enough?, is he over hyped?, is he a worthy champion? To put it simply yes he has proved he can be good enough and yes it was proved he was over hyped. The question I’m interested to find an answer to is, is Amir Khan a worthy champion?.

By the end of this post I hope to find the answer to that question but for now I want to put forward my reasons for what I have stated so far.
I think it has been unfortunate for Khan that he was so successful at the 2004 Olympics and was picked up and promoted by Frank Warren from day 1. His face was all over British television because of what he had achieved as an amateur and when he announced he would be turning professional everyone wanted to watch what this young and upcoming star was about. What’s more a lot of his early fights were broadcast across terrestrial TV channels which lead to many viewers that wouldn’t normally watch the sport, finally show some interest.

From his first professional bout against David Bailey right the way through to his 18th fight against Michael Gomez in 2008 Amir seemed to be getting better and better with every fight he was in. There was no denying that he was learning new skills and techniques being in the ring with an array of fighters but his next opponent was another story. Jorge Rubio who was Khans trainer at the time thought Khan was ready to step up and fight the bigger and stronger Breidis Prescott, and to be honest I think we all thought he was ready but unfortunately Prescott had other ideas and went at Amir like a steam train and after only 54 seconds the fight was over and Prescott had claimed another victim to his Knockout power which took him to 18 KO’s in 20 fights. I don’t think anyone saw that coming not even Khan himself but in my opinion I think we were all a little caught up in the hype of a fighter who hadn’t really had a challenge. Frank warren and the Khan camp then sacked Jorge Rubio and it was announced that he would train under Freddie Roach who currently trains one of the finest boxers around, and Khans new sparring partner Manny Pacquiao.

The change seemed to do Khan the world of good and he proved that when he beat the 7 time 3 weight champion Marco Antonio Barrera. It was Barrera’s 72nd fight and he was a little past his best to say the least but still offered a tough test to Khan. Unfortunately the fight was cut short at the end of the 5th round by TKO, Barrera had suffered a cut due to a clash of heads but this is exactly the motivation khan needed to move forward. It was this win that gave him a shot at Andreas Kotelnik for the WBA light welterweight championship. Khan boxed a great fight and at the age of 22 became the WBA Champion, many thought that it was manufactured perfectly for him but Khan still had to win and that he did. Khan then proved his ability against Dimitry Salita and Paulie Maliganaggi scoring TKO’s in both encounters.

His next fight seemed to shape and define Khans carrer right up to the present day and for me, this was the fight that changed Khan from a Hopeful and contender, into a World Champion. Going toe to toe and trading some of the hardest punches Khan had ever felt probably wasn’t what he was expecting going into the fight but Marcos Maidana took Amir Khan to another level and between then produced a fight of the year contender. If there was ever any doubt that Khan couldn’t take a punch and had a glass chin that was wiped away within a few rounds as Maidana had khan on the ropes a few times and Khan wouldn’t go down. He gave as good as he got and caught Maidana with some terrific counter punches and did manage to put him on the canvas and ultimately won him the fight. Was Khan now an over hyped boxing star, not at all and he deserved his status as one of the best light welter weights around, wins against Mccloskey and Judah took him into a match with Washington based Lamont Peterson. Like many people I had heard very little of Peterson who himself was trying to get some credibility, a rags to riches fighter who had fought his way into a shot at Khans WBA and IBF Championships. In what proved to be another fight of the year contender the two boxers traded punches and went to the trenches with each other, Khan having knocked down Peterson early on looked to be heading in the right direction but the whole outlook changed when Khan was continuously warned for pushing down on the back of Peterson. Eventually he was punished and ultimately it looked to have cost him the fight. Two judges had the fight 113-112 to Peterson and one had it 115-110 Khan, causing all kinds of outrage amongst the British public even more so when it was proved that the score card had been tampered with.

I wont be going any further with what happened that night, as we are all aware that Khan now has his chance to redeem himself against Peterson as ordered by the WBA.. In my opinion Peterson fought a great fight but didn’t win, for me Khan lost but either way, I believe we are in for a great rematch in May.
Is Khan the boxer that he has been hyped up to be? Yes, on 1 occasion against Maidana, the following chance he had at proving his critics wrong against Peterson he failed. Does this make him a Worthy Champion? It did, but he has a long way to go before I can firmly believe he stands a chance with the best in the world.

Thursday, 1 March 2012

02/03/12 Froch v Bute

Rumours have now been confirmed, Carl Froch has got the opportunity to take the IBF super middle weight crown from Romanian born Lucian Bute. The fight has been scheduled for the 26th may and will be held in Froch’s home town of Nottingham. This is his first fight back home since October 2009. The Cobra walks into this fight after a loss to America’s Andre Ward in December, and will be looking to get his record back on winning ways in May but will have his work cut out against the unbeaten Bute.  The self proclaimed ‘Mister KO’ will be defending not only his IBF title for the 10th time but his 30-0 record, he comes into this fight after a 12 round UD against Glen Johnson in November, Froch who also managed to beat Johnson earlier that year says,
“It’s a dream come true to get this opportunity to become a three-time world champion in my hometown of Nottingham”
For me it’s another dream come true to see Froch back in the ring and against another class act, I cannot remember the last time I watched a Froch fight and was left deflated after being on the edge of my seat for 12 rounds, he never seems to take the easy fight. Wins in the recent super six tournament against the likes of Jermain Taylor, Andre Dirrell and Arthur Abraham shot Carl Froch into the public eye after he had spent many years trying to just get a televised fight. And with Valiant performances against Mikkel Kessler and Andre Ward, he is now amongst the top fighters in the world.
“It’s my goal to fight the best boxers in the super middle weight division” says Bute
And he will, Froch will be out to prove a point to the rest of the world and get straight back in the mix. With talks of a rematch with Kessler, Froch must make sure he gets through this fight and he will probably be fighting for another world title later in the year. I really hope Bute comes to stand toe to toe with Froch and fight, as this is when both boxers produce what they do best.  A win for Bute could see him take on Kessler, Pascal or Abraham or even have a chance of winning another world title against the WBC and WBA champion Andre Ward.
I am really looking forward to this and having my favourite British boxer in a world title fight always gets the blood pumping. I’m sure this fight wont disappoint and this could be the start of title winning ways for British fighters this year and the start of Carl Froch’s rise back to the top of the super middle weight division....assuming Andre Ward Steps up to Light heavyweight.
Full interviews can be found here,

01/03/12 Chisora gets hearing & Klitschko v Mormeck

A quick post which follows on from last nights post, WBC have confirmed that Dereck Chisora will have a hearing regarding his actions in Germany. I am pleased the WBC have decided to go ahead with a hearing for the heavyweight contender, but i cant help but feel they are only doing this to balance the rash choice to ban him indefinitely. Either way Chisora now has the opportunity to put forward his side of the story....for what its worth.

We also look forward to this weekend where Jean Marc Mormeck will enter the Espirit Arena in Dusseldorf to take on Wladimir Klitschko in what would seem to be a very one sided encounter. Mormeck aged 40, would seem a little past his best now and will take on the 56-3 champion who himself is coming off the back of successfully defending his crown against Brit David Haye. Haye  beat mormeck in 2007 so on paper Mormeck is likely to have the same experience against Klitschko. Im sure Mormeck will offer nothing more than an awkward style of boxing for Klitschko and will be lucky to go the full 12 rounds, for me Klitschko easily has this one wrapped up and don’t be surprised to see a KO towards the later stages of the fight.