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Monday, 29 October 2012

29/10/2012 Ricky Burns aims Walsh then Broner

WBO lightweight champion Ricky Burns will go head to head with Liam Walsh on the 15th December in London's Excel arena. It comes after Burns recorded an incredible win over Kevin Mitchell. Many thought that he would go on to fight American hot shot Adrain Broner, but it would seem that he will have to wait a showdown with the unbeaten US star.

Walsh himself is unbeaten after 13 professional fights has landed himself an opportunity of a life time, one of which he will aim to throw everything at and prove that he is a worthy name amoungst the lightweight elite. 2 years younger and 24 fights less than Burns, the odds are firmly stacked against Walsh but he thinks he can cause an upset on the 15th December.

"To fight for the world title is my dream and I'm going to cause a big upset on 15 December at the ExCeL when I take the crown from Burns,"

Burns has his sights elsewhere though, and as much as a strong challenge from Walsh stands infront of him, Burns wants a unification fight with WBA champion Adrian Broner. Its defiantly where the money and fame sits for both men and it will be a fight that we would all love to see next summer, having passed all other challenges in the division Broner is the one they all look up to. In my opinion Broner stands tall above the others for a reason, his style, swagger and Boxing class shines through with every fight he is in. Having been compared to P4P champion Floyd Mayweather he defiantly has a lot to live up to everytime he steps in the ring, but if there was one man that could push him to the edge of his ability it would be Burns.

Thursday, 25 October 2012

25/10/2012 RIP Emanuel Steward 1944-2012

RIP Emanuel Steward 1944-2012 

Boxing today has suffered a huge loss as legendary Detroit trainer Emanuel Steward has died, the 68 year old who is most famous for his iconic work in the Kronk gym has been suffering for a while now. His family have rightfully been very reserved with any information around his suffering and even held back any information this evening regarding his passing.

Its a sad moment for everyone involved in Boxing now that it has been confirmed, just searching the Internet its easy to see just how much he was loved in the Boxing community. Messages, thoughts and prayers have all been left with his family who will still be trying to come to terms with his loss like many others.

Steward has guided many Boxers to titles, and has had much involvement in the careers of others, the likes of Lennox Lewis, Thomas Hearns, Prince Nassem, Wladimir Klitschko, Julio Ceaser Chavez and many many more. He is up there with some of the best trainers in the world, often compared to other greats like Angelo Dundee and Freddie Roach, but Steward has his own techniques and philosophy on the sport and that's what made him so successful.

I had great enjoyment reading the story of Thomas Hearns and to see the impact that Steward had on him was incredible, he was an irreplaceable trainer and a father figure to many men that walked through the doors of his gym. The biggest reason i love this sport is the history that it is built on and its the stories and matches that involve men like Steward that make this such a passion.

It comes at a time where we have seen many other greats pass us, Angelo Dundee, Johnny Tapia, Corrie Saunders, Terry Spinks and one of my all time favourites Joe Frazier. Many more have been unfortunate to have passed away but very few will leave the impact that Emanuel Steward has. A true legend with an incredible story to tell, he will very much be missed in this world were nothing is certain but anything is possible.

Saturday, 20 October 2012

21/10/2012 Brook on track for world title

An incredible night for Kell Brook, with a third round stoppage over Hector Saldivia which has propelled him on to the world stage. A fight between Devon Alexander and Randell Bailey will decide who Kell Brook will fight next for the IBF world championship.

Brook came into this fight on the back of a lot of critisicm after he was beaten around the ring in the back end of his last fight against Carson Jones. Since then Brook has re conditioned his body and he looked a new man coming into the ring tonight. He hit the ground running and went straight after Saldivia and in the first round had him on the canvas.

Round two saw much of the same as Brook continued to dominate, by round three it was all over. Saldivia walked straight onto a right handed jab from Brook and went down and could not regain his feet. Brook leaped with elation as he now knows this eliminator has put him in an incredible position with in the Welterweight division.

When asked about his next match, Brook said that he would love to knock the chin off Amir Khan, but promoter Eddie Hearn confirmed that the Brook camp would be continuing their journey towards a world title. What ever the outcome from the other match up, Brook is now the man that everyone will be watching. It would seem that the steel city has found themselves another future champion.

Wednesday, 17 October 2012

17/10/2012 Price responds to Furys recent comments

Further comments have been made in the latest Tyson Fury and David Price saga, this time is the Mancunian Price that has has his say. "His idiotic and giving the sport a bad name" says Price, this comes after a weekend where Fury had firmly made his points clear about British Champion Price.
With an interview on Channel 5 that 'Exploded' as described by Mick Hennessy, Twitter comments and a recent post of himself Fury has not exactly endeared himself to anyone, namely the fellow British Heavyweights.

"We are grown men and no-one bullies as far as I'm concerned" added Price, "its like dealing with a kid at school talking absolute nonsense". No doubt these comments wont be well received by Fury who has found himself in hot water because of his actions. It would be wise for Fury to now keep his mouth firmly closed and keep his comments to himself, but as we know its very unlikely as in Boxing there always seems to be a bad guy who wants to step in the way of every good guys path to glory. And at the moment i think we can all agree that its Fury playing the bad guy.

Monday, 15 October 2012

15/10/2012 Fury Lands himself in hot water

Tyson Furys recent rant on Channel 5 seems to have upset a few people and is now being investigated by the BBBC. Fury who half way through the James DeGale fight was interviewed on his thoughts towards David Price and the Liverpudlians comments. Fury Said that price was a bum from Liverpool and said he was going to cause him some serious harm.

The channel 5 presenter had to remind Fury that he was live on channel 5 but Fury didn't seem to acknowledge and was set on getting his point across as he went on to say that Price was getting it, also adding comments about fellow Liverpudlian Tony Bellew.

Things are really heating up between these two heavyweights, and no matter who i ask would come out on top of these two men i keep getting a different answer. Both men have full credentials and deserve their time in the spotlight, Price has proved his ability and knockout power, and Fury has since shown his new in ring ability and has come on a long way since he beat Dereck Chisora.

I really can wait for these two men to get in the ring, Maloney has reportedly already offered half a million to Fury for the match. Price is due to fight Matt Skelton on the 5th December and will no doubt be looking past this match and will have his eyes firmly set on the Irishman. Like Fury said on Saturday, Its personal.

15/10/2012 This weekends fight schedule 20/10/2012

Barclays Center, New York, USA

Danny Garcia v Erik Morales (12)

(WBC and WBA 'super' light welterweight titles)

Paulie Malignaggi v Pablo Cesar Cano (12)

(WBA welterweight title)

Hassan N'Dam N'Jikam v Peter Quillin (12)

(WBO middleweight title)

Randall Bailey v Devon Alexander (12)

(IBF welterweight title)

Daniel Jacobs v TBA (8)


Dmitriy Salita v Brandon Hoskins (8)


Luis Collazo v Steve Chambers (8)


(SM Mall) Asia Arena, Pasay City, Philippines

AJ Banal v
Pungluang Sor Singyu (12)
(vacant WBO bantamweight title)

Motorpoint Arena, Sheffield, UK

Kell Brook v Hector Saldivia (12)

(IBF welterweight title eliminator)

Jamie McDonnell v Darwin Zamora (12)

(IBF bantamweight title eliminator)

Robin Reid v Kenny Anderson (12)

(vacant British super-middleweight title)

Kal Yafai v Scott Gladwin (6)


Martin J. Ward v Ibrar Riyaz (4)


Palasport Gianni D'Arco, Sardegna, Italy

Silvio Olteanu v Andrea Sarritzu (European flyweight title)

15/10/2012 Audley Harrison Interview

I said I had prepared very well for this bout and it showed...I was in great shape and went out there with no fear, believing I could win it. I was really in the zone, didn't get fazed by the crowd, or atmosphere and stay focused on the task. After 8 years, I finally had control of myself again.
My whole game plan was about avoiding his right, so to get lined up like that is a disappointment for me. Father time has caught up with me, as I didn't see the initial shot, so could not react. He finished me off like a good pro, so I have no complaints. I have a broken nose for my troubles, so I didn't get away Scott free.
I have said when I turn up to win, and lose to nothing other than ability, I will know my times is up, so this could be my last bout. I'll take some time to think this out, as I never want to come back to boxing once I've walked away.
I started this journey as a nineteen year old juvenile tear-away, boxing at the Top hat social club in Ealing against a policeman Tony Wildgoose winning by 2nd round stoppage...if it's to end here, what a ride it's been and I'm grateful to the universe for allowing me to find my destiny and walk the precarious road my way.
Keep dreaming, keep believing and never give up.

Saturday, 13 October 2012

14/10/2012 1 Min 30 Sec

The writing was on  the wall for this all British encounter and it was the man from Liverpool that came out on top. As expected It was an early night for Audley Harrison as just after 1min and 30seconds David price landed a devastating right hand that sent Harrison leaning back against the ropes where he left himself open for a barrage of punches from Price. And that's what Price did, he hit Harrison with a combination that shook him and left him knocked out on the ropes, he then hit the canvas and showed no sign of getting up.

After Harrison had risen to his feet, Price was probably thinking about his next opponent. With promoter frank Maloney throwing various names out it would still seem that Matt Skelton is the favourite to take on the big Liverpudlian on the 1st December. A challenge has been set to Tyson Fury that does include a half a million pound pay day, but Fury seems to have his eyes firmly set on different opposition across the pond in the US.

As for Harrison that puts a cap on a career that has had its highs and lows, there was much criticism thrown Harrisons way after the fight and whether it was deserved or not, it makes no difference to his performance and his future in the sport.

13/10/2012 Do not miss any of tonights Boxing action

Audley Harrison v David Price

An all British showdown that will no doubt go no longer than 3 or 4 rounds, appreciating that Harrison has put everything into getting in shape for this fight but i think it wont be anywhere near enough to topple Price.

Harrison as usual has done all the talking in the build up to this fight, and has also promised that if he loses he will retire. I guess this where we say goodbye to the 2000 Olympic Gold medallist. Coming into this fight Price offers to much for Harrison in regards to speed, power and the ability to put combinations together. I really cant see this fight going past the early stages and even if it does, i still think that this plays into Price's hands as he is the younger fitter fighter.

Rd 4 KO David Price

European SuperMiddleweight Champion James DeGale v Hadillah Mohoumadi

After recently deciding to join Mick Hennessy's promotions James DeGale will make his Channel 5 debut against the tough opposition of Hadillah Mohoumadi. It would seem though that DeGale is already looking past this catchup and looking towards a showdown with Chris Eubank Jr.

With words being exchanged on Twitter recently DeGale has made it very clear who his next target will be. For now he will have to concentrate on getting past Mohoumadi which i believe he will, DeGale who is still finding his way again after his loss to old foe George Groves will be looking to put on a solid performance tonight, especially if Eubank Jr is watching on.

Rd 9 KO James DeGale

IBF/WBO super bantamweight champion Nonito Donaire v Toshiaki Nishioka

So much talk recently that Donaire doesn't deserve his place as ring magazines 5th best P4P boxer in the world. With marginal wins over Omar Narvaez, Wilfredo Vazquez Jr. and Jeffrey Mathebula it would seem that Donaire is struggling to make the maintain and establish himself as a Super Bantamweight fighter.

Nishioka who comes in 39-4-3 will defiantly offer a huge challenge to Donaire, some fight fans actually have him winning the encounter. for me there is a reason Donaire is one of the top P4P fighters in the world and i believe he will prove this tonight. Donaire knows he will need to pull a brilliant performance out tonight to confirm his status back amongst the elite.

MD Nonito Donaire

Brandon Rios v Mike Alvarado for the vacant WBO Latino light welterweight and WBO light welterweight title eliminator

So much sits on this fight being an instant classic. it certainly has all the makings and I'm sure will not disappoint. Question marks still loom over Rio's controversial decision win last time round, and his shock decision against Abril.

This fight comes down to the weight difference and the advantage sits with Alvarado who i think will pick up the majority decision tonight.

MD Mike Alvarado

Saturday, 6 October 2012

06/10/2012 Prizefighter Results

Brilliant Prizefighter tonight with an incredible upset, outsider Terry Flannigan overcame the odds to take the £32,000 prize money and a big money shot in the bag. The evening was always heading towards an upset when favourite Derry Matthews found himself clutching on to his place in the tournament after both of his eyes were cut open by the lowest ranked favourite to win Jamie Moore. Matthews however did make it through to the semi finals against Flannigan.

On the other side of the tournament former British champions Gary Sykes and Anthony Crolla found themselves facing each other just 3 years on from their last encounter where Sykes beat Crolla. History repeated itself in this battle and Sykes came away the winner. Flannigan exploited Matthews cuts and went to work from the opening bell trying to put an early end to Matthews evening. After countless checks by the official and two check overs from the ringside doctor Matthews was allowed to continue but he knew he hadn't done enough, and Flanningan found himself in the final where he was to meet Sykes.

Sykes got off to a great start but Flanningan matched his every move, determined to make his night hard, South paw Flanningan made Sykes work harder than normal but by the time the final bell sounded it seemed that that hard work paid off.
The general vibe across the venue was that Sykes had edged it on hard work and punches thrown but after a split decision was announced Flannigan picked up the win and the prize money, he now looks as if he may be next in line for a shot against Gavin Rees.

Thursday, 4 October 2012

04/10/2012 For those who said it was a joke

OK so a couple of weeks ago i was the first to hold my hand up and say that Ricky Hatton was making a mistake by coming back, this was unless he was really taking this serious, well from what i am hearing and seeing from the Hatton camp he is taking this very serious. Infact the Hitman is looking in the best shape i have seen him in for a very long time.

After posting a recent picture of himself on Twitter you can clearly see that he has shredded all the weight and is looking more ripped than ever. Hatton who is due to face Vyacheslav Senchenko in six weeks has found himself with a huge point to prove to not only the British fans but Boxing fans all around the world.

I am now in full support of the Hitman and hope that he comes back better than ever, yes i know that the history of fighters coming out of retirement doesn't swing in Hattons favour, but the exceptions like, Ali, Leonard, Foreman and Hopkins will most defiantly tell you otherwise. Hatton is a man on a mission and we will soon find out if he has what it takes to work his way back up the division and position himself amongst the best.

04/10/2012 Peterson gets undeserved shot at Bradley

Just a few months after hitting the very bottom of his Boxing career, Lamont Peterson finds himself as the number one contender to take on Timothy Bradley. This rematch looks set for December 15 and will probably not offer much more than their original encounter back in 2009, where Bradley won in dominant fashion.

Two issues i have with this fight going ahead, the first being what seems to be a pointless fight for Bradley to take, it would seem he could find no other man to join him in the ring in December and has left himself in a position where he will do nothing for his career. The other issue being an undeserved match for Peterson, i am sure that Bradleys WBO crown will be on the line and it presents an opportunity for the 30-1-1 fighter to shoot himself back into a top position not long after he was found to have taking enhancement drugs throughout the feud with Amir Khan.

Contracts have apparently been sent to both men and we will now await the agreement from both camps. I have no doubt this will still draw a big audience including myself, but i cant see Peterson upsetting Bradley on this occasion, although i said the same prior to Bradleys shock win over Manny Pacquiao.