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Thursday, 31 May 2012

31/05/12 Pacquiao v Bradley, My take on this encounter

I have been wanting to write about the upcoming encounter on June 9th between Manny Pacquiao and Timothy Bradley for a while, the reason i have held off is because i wanted to take a step back and really look at both fighters and their preparation for the fight.
I have heard so many different opinions and outcome predictions from fight fans, most of which have the fight going the distance and have pacquiao winning on points, i say 'Come on, stop taking the obvious prediction'.
I have enjoyed certain other writers and reporters putting their neck out and stating either a 'Pacman' KO, or even a Bradley win, I'm still yet to see a Bradley KO prediction.
Ok so cards on the table right now, i have Pacquiao winning this fight on a majority decision, yes I'm not even predicting a full sweep amongst the judges, allow me to explain. We know the resume' that Pacquiao brings to this fight, we know the people he has beaten and we are very much aware of his Boxing ability and its not be questioned. What is to be questioned, is how many times since the Miguel Cotto fight as he had to really dig deep against opponents, that he should really be ending before the 12th round. Fights against Clottey, Margarito, Mosley and Marquez all went the distance, and these are Boxers that have slowly drifted past their prime and in a couple of cases maybe even to the end of their career. Many people had Marquez down a the winner of their 3rd encounter and he pushed Pacquiao very close in their previous 2 fights as well, ultimately Pacquiao picked up the win and that's what matters, but it all seems a bit to close for comfort.
Bradley on the other hand offers something completely different from any of the names mentioned above, a younger man with no fear, he will come at you all day long and wont stop until he wins. His 29-0 record will confirm that. Whilst Pacquiao has been increasing his P4P status by wins over older elites, Bradley has emerged a real Welterweight talent who has worked his way through some great young ring masters. Wins over Casamayor, Alexander, Peterson and Vazquez have put him right in the mix for a shot at the Philippine. (excuse the mention of Peterson, but he still posed a problem for Bradley).
Taking all this into account your probably asking why i have Pacquiao the winner and not Bradley, it's simple, how ever hard Bradley can hit, Pacquiao hits harder, no matter how fast Bradley is, Pacquiao is faster, no matter how much he is happy stand toe-to-toe and trade get my point. Recent news of family issues and politics getting in the way of him concentrating on this fight do not worry me, i actually see it as an added incentive for him to win. Ask yourself did anyone think going to prison would effect Mayweathers performance? Elite athletes will not let outside issues effect them, especially someone of Pacquiaos class. As soon as the light shines on him in that ring, he has one thing in mind, to beat Timothy Bradley.

Wednesday, 30 May 2012

30/05/12 Alvarez v Kirkland looks likely

After the recent news of Paul Williams it has now been confirmed that a replacement is being found for 'Canelo' Alvarez and it looks to be in the shape of James Kirkland. A young 31-1 KO specialist, who is not to be looked over and could certainly cause Canelo a lot of issues. Alvarez the current WBC junior middleweight Champion has just come off the back of a dominating victory over Shane Mosley and is now looking for another test. Alvarez who has often been critasised for not being in the ring with anyone who can hurt him would defiantly answer the critics, as Kirkland bring 27 KO's to the table. Kirklands only loss came at the hands of Nobuhiro Ishida 3 years ago and it ended with him having a taste of his own medicine, since then he has gone on to look dominant and has rebuilt his bond with trainer Ann Wolfe. I still think Alvarez has the edge over Kirkland and has the unbeaten fight record to prove it, convincing wins over Hatton, Cintron and Mosley would suggest that he would add Kirkland to his list of defeated Boxers. Its certainly a fight that offers so much, lets hope they can make it happen for September 15th.

Tuesday, 29 May 2012

29/05/12 Can the British Heavyweights salvage the Heavyweight division?

At last it would seem that the British Heavyweight division has come alive. And i know that Audley Harrison hasn't exactly been the most memorable of fighters over previous years but he is still another name that we have now mixing up the division. The big four are Obviously David Haye, Dereck Chisora, David Price and Tyson Fury. I have confirmed before that i am a huge David Haye fan and have no problem saying so, and as bias as it seems i still feel he is the strongest hope for a British Heavyweight to obtain another world title. What is good is that 2 years ago it was only Haye that seemed to be able to compete at a world level, but a great performance against Vitali Klitschko from Chisora has put him in the mix, Fury has already proven he can beat Chisora, and did so for the British title. That belt now belongs to David Price who is looking a real prospect for the future.

As we already know we are all staring Haye and Chisora in the face, awaiting a winner, even the fight fans most anti of this situation find themselves awaiting the outcome. Its a grudge match that has reached such a personal level you cant help but feel curious to what will happen when these two men square up. Obviously the consequences of this fight are that both fighters have no back from the BBBC and wont have from here on out, so they will have to rely on their own Boxing status and promotion to get them any future shots. The man they both have in their sites is Vitali Klitschko, but the vibe being picked up from the Klitschko camp isn't exactly positive. Recent rumours have confirmed that Tyson fury is looking for a showdown with the winner of this bout. Obviously with a win already over Chisora and the size difference against Haye, why shouldn't Fury put himself in the mix, i really think he could cause both men problems.

Audley Harrisons recent win over Ali (who i hear you say) Adams has sparked to life his career.....again! He has recently confirmed he wants new British Champion David Price. I see a really bright future for the Liverpudlian and can see him challenging for a world title very soon, i also see him dominantig Harrison if the fight was to go ahead.

It is great to see 5 Different fighters all at different stages of their careers mixing it up with each other. This is great for British Heavyweight Boxing but also great for World Boxing. Haye has already tasted world glory and is hungry for it one more time after coming out of retirement. Chisora put up his best performance against Vitali and just fell short. Both Fury and Price are the two young guns that are looking to make a stamp on the division, with both of their promoters already saying they could get in the ring with one of the Klitschko brothers. Its an exciting time for the Heavyweight division and looks to only be getting better, lets hope it carries over into the World Heavyweight division.

Monday, 28 May 2012

28/05/12 Paul Williams left Paralysed after crash

Further tragic news has struck the Boxing world today and left all of the Boxing nation in shock, 2 time Middleweight Champion Paul 'the punisher' Williams was involved in a motorbike accident and has been left paralysed from the waist down. His manager released a statement confirming that the crash took place on Sunday and involved him turning a corner with a car and forcing him to swerve into the opposite lane. Williams came off his bike and severed his spinal chord leaving only part of the chord left for doctors to protect, this will allow Williams to move his upper body. Right now Williams is in hospital and is completely paralysed from the waist down, he is scheduled for surgery on Wednesday. Williams, most popular for getting a win over P4P contender Sergio Martinez was due to take on 'Canelo' Alvarez in September. An incredible Middleweight Boxer with a pure ability to Box inside the ring, we send our best wishes to Paul and the sport will miss him every moment he is out of the ring.

28/05/12 Update on Carl Froch's situation

 “Good news….Just been to Hospital & the x-ray on my right hand has come back clear, I will resume training in 2 weeks.”
 The words just Tweeted by Carl Froch, great news for the new IBF Champion and the British fans who await to see what route the 'Cobra' will now take with his next fight.Froch seems to have ruled out any chance of taking on Andre Ward again but does think he can beat him if he was to get a rematch with the American. My advice would be to stay well clear of Andre Ward for now and make a couple of defences of the crown with the likes of Kessler and Dirrell, 2 rematches I'm sure fight fans would love to see. Kessler has confirmed he would happily travel to England to take on Froch and i think this will be the likely outcome.
I'm sure Froch will continue to deliver top quality opponents, both because of his age but also he has never been one to duck a fight. Froch said himself on Steve Bunce's Boxing hour that he was 'no spring chicken' and is perhaps closing in on the end of his career, but knows that there are many matches available, even more so now he has the belt. Froch stated after the Bute fight that if he had lost he would have pulled the plug on his career and retired, this shows that Froch has clearly looked at his future and any other loss might convince him to end it. But for now the Brit is in great shape and after this blip with his hand he looks ready and raring to go.

28/05/12 Last Chance for Audley Harrison

The 27-5 Heavyweight Audley Harrison picked up a win the weekend with a 4th round stoppage over Ali  (who i hear you ask) Adams. Harrison said he wanted one last shot at the sport he loves and said he needed this fight for him. It now leaves him in the position of wanting a classier opponent and maybe even a title shot, word has it that Tyson Fury is in his sights. I have nothing against Harrison apart from the lack of effort put in when he took on David Haye, if he had used the effort like he did 2yrs ago against Michael Sprott the British public may have given him a bit more respect the obscene amount of money he walked away with. It just seems its a lot of talk from the Olympic gold medallist and not much delivery whenever he enters the ring. A part of me hopes that he can land a shot against someone like Fury but maybe that's me just wishing for a great comeback story. It takes a while to get recognition as a Boxer (just ask Carl Froch) but Harrison had it handed to him after the Olympic win, problem was he couldn't maintain his early amateur Boxing ability and got found out very quick. After continuous attempts to get his career on track, is this the moment we see the 40yr old take his moment.

28/05/12 'The Jackal' in terrific form

Two unbeaten fighters, Carl 'The Jackal' Frampton and Raul Hirales both put thier records on the line Saturday and Frampton proved why he is one to watch. Showing great technical ability inteh ring Frampton was able to close off the Mexican from early on in the fight. Frampton danced around the ring and produced some brilliant counter-punching that left Hirales looking rigid and powerless. It was great to see two men put their unbeaten records on the line so early in their carers and it was a great chance for Frampton to silence any critics he may of had prior the bout. After the Munroe fight fell through Frampton had to find himself a new opponent but one that would bring him a tough fight. After 12 rounds Frampton was declared the clear winner by UD and now leaves him looking for his next fight, hopefully not long before we see him in a world title encounter.

28/05/12 Froch v Bute IBF SuperMiddleweight Championship

This weekend in Nottingham showcased what turned out to be an incredible fight between British challenger Carl Froch and IBF Champion Lucian Bute. Bute being the favorite looked confident and didn't let any of Froch's Home support get to him, but what followed was to be one of the 'Cobras' best performances to date as he picked up a 5th round TKO over the Romanian. Going into the bout there was much talk over how Froch would handle the Southpaw stance that Bute carries and the KO power he is renowned for, but Froch kept to his word and delivered a continuous flurry of combinations throughout the bout and silenced any critics. With the likes of 'Sugar' Ray Leonard, Amir Khan and Mikkel Kessler at ringside Froch started the fight getting a feel of the Romanian before started to open up the punches, Froch knew he would have to take chances through each round if he was to stand any chance of getting on the inside of Bute's Punches. It was through rounds 2-3 that you could feel Froch was getting more and more comfortable with his style and caught Bute with some great shots. Bute gave as good as he got but underestimated the solidity of Froch's chin. By round 4 Froch knew if he could land a big punch he would have Bute rocked and that's exactly what he did, Bute who was able to stay on his feet got through to the end of round 4, but everyone knew if Froch could replicate the barrage of punches he threw during round 4 and keep up the tempo, Bute would be in a worse situation. Bute had recovered from round 4 but still looked shaken up and Froch wasted no time on going to work, and after getting Bute against the ropes he landed a combination of devastating punches that left the referee no choice but to step in, what everyone had'nt realised was that the ref was actually giving Bute the standing count, but that was short lived as Bute's corner stepped in the ring and waived the fight off themselves. Bute had taken a beating and even struggled to walk to his corner after the fight, it was his first big test in the Super Middleweight division and it seemed he had overlooked the ability of Froch as did many others.
A win from Froch leaves him in a great position for his next match-up, a rematch Kessler is the obvious choice with a chance for Froch to avenge that defeat. The otter option might be a rematch with Andre Ward but for me that would probably hand another loss on the Brits record as Ward seems to stand in a league of his own in that division. The only other option being discussed is a step up to Light-Heavy to take on fellow Brit Nathan Cleverly, although this seems a great match-up i cant help but feel its a step backwards for Froch.
What ever he decides to do he can look back over the last 4-5 years and hang up his gloves knowing he took on the best in the division and never looked passed an opponent, ultimately producing one of the greatest runs of Match-ups from any fighter.

Friday, 25 May 2012

25/05/12 Ringside on Froch v Bute

Shout out to the boys on Ringside last night, great show with some great guests. Amir Khan and Joe Calzaghe were present and there to give their view on this weekends Super Middleweight clash in Nottingham. Carl Froch and Lucian Bute was of course the hot topic and a full breakdown was offered from the Sky Sports team. Froch seemed to have full backing from his fellow countrymen, but all of them were aware that Bute could pose problems for Froch and both men stand great chances of walking away the winner.
Highlights from past fights were analysed, Bute's first battle with Librado Andrade was a good talking point as many feel that the referee cost Andrade the fight and this was another reason why Bute is still unbeaten. Ultimately it proved that Bute can be put off his game plan and can be beaten, he was out of steam and got slower as the fight went on, of course this was four years ago, and since then he has put critics straight with a RD4 KO of Andrade.
Froch's bouts against Arthur Abraham and Andre Dirrell was a great display for Froch's technical ability in the ring and his desire to win, it also showed that he is happy to go the distance, with his last 7 fights going 12 rounds. Unfortunately it wasn't all positive for Froch as fights against Mikkel Kessler and Andre Ward showed also, Froch can be beaten. Both men are probably also next in line for the winner of this. I'm sure Kessler would be happy to step back down after his recent rise to Light heavy and take a rematch with froch, Ward I'm not so sure about, but a win from Froch puts him 2nd in the world rankings and again would become number 1 contender for Ward. Looking at the fight i do feel that Froch offers that little bit more than Bute as regards of ring ability, i agree that Bute offers a better punch, especially those quick uppercuts and hooks that Froch is going to have to look out for. But for me Froch will take Bute the distance and come on stronger in the later rounds and snatch the victory. Be prepared for both boxers to change their style and mix things up every few rounds as they figure each other out, it has all the makings of a classic and i hope it lives up to it.

Thanks to @SkySportsBoxing and @Carl_Froch @InterBoxBute
SkySports 10pm

Wednesday, 23 May 2012

23/05/12 Will we ever see Vitali take on Haye

You would think that after everything that has happened betwwen Heavyweights David Haye and Dereck Chisora, Haye's Attention would be on putting a plan in place to take apart Chisora. As much as this might actually be true, i can't help but feel he has been caught up in the crossfire of recent comments made by the Klitschko camp, more so by Manager Bernd Boente. Boente has reignited the argument between Vitali and Haye and answered accusations made from Haye, by stating that the offer was made for the two fighters to meet and Haye ran scared and declined due to fearing Vitali. Haye responded by saying it would make no sense to duck the fight, and he has been trying to make it happen for a while now, dates of July and Spetember have been thrown around but with no development. The Haye camp feels that Boente is doing a great job of protecting his man, ultimatly because of his age and that they are trying to move him into a career in politics very soon. I dont think it will ever come to light what the situation really is with both camps, the Haye pleads seem so genuine that he is trying to make the fight work, but the Klitschko brothers remain always professional and also come across very genuine. Maybe this is a simple case of neither fighter wanting to lose, after so much build up and promises that they would win the fight, i think both men would really struggle to bounce back from defeat.
Brother Wladimir as more recently come out and stated that the fight between his brother and Haye wouldn't be taking place as Haye does not have a British Boxing licence. And with the recent announcement of the BBBC stopping any assotiation between themselves and anyone involved with the July 14th night, its safe to say Haye wont be getting a licence any time soon.
If its Vitali's last fight then i really think he needs to look at the situation again, as he wont be earning any bigger payday than taking on Haye. If talks of him retiring at the end of the year are true then we may never these to men enter the ring together.

23/05/12 Khan v Garcia & Alvarez v Williams

 Saul 'Canelo' Alvarez v Paul Williams Sept 15th MGM Grand Las Vegas

Just when Boxing hits the headlines for all the wrong reasons we now look forward to all the right reasons, and why we love this sport. Two huge fights were announced last night, Goldenboy's Richard Schaefer has confirmed that Former Welterweight and Junior Middleweight Champion Paul Williams is next in line to take on the Mexican young gun Canelo Alvarez. The announcement of this fight comes quite a shock to a lot of people as it would seem that Canelo's Match-ups were being perfectly put together and really looked as if they would never going to cause him a problem, Williams on the other hand is just the opposite. He is Tall and awkward and is no stranger to taking on some of the best fighters in the world, infact he is one of few fighters who holds a win over P4P elite Sergio Martinez. He has also beaten Wright, Margarito and Cintron. This will be a huge test for Canelo who is often criticised for not getting in the ring with anyone of any real quality. Recent talk has shown that fight fans feel that Alvarez, even at 21, will soon be ready to step in the ring with Floyd Mayweather. I still cant help but feel that he is a while off stepping up to that class, but a win against Williams would certainly put him in a good position to do so.

Amir Khan v Danny Garcia July 14th Venue TBC

After all that has happened over the last two weeks you can't help but feel for Amir Khan, as he finally gets himself in perfect shape to challenge Lamont Peterson to get his belts back, it is all taken away from him and he did nothing wrong. Well Khan will still need to stay in perfect shape as he will be taking on unbeaten Champion Danny Garcia, who has just come out of a 12 round battle with Erik Morales. Its a perfect match-up that promises so much and i hope it delivers. It hasn't been confirmed what titles will be on the line yet as there is still uncertainty over what will happen to Petersons Belts, but right now i don't think either fighter will be thinking about this. Khan is obviously ready to go and Garcia has confirmed that as soon as it was announced he was straight in training and promises to expose all of Khan's faults. Team Khan have also confirmed they may be looking to get Heavyweight David Price on the card, as popularity grows with the British Champion this would offer great exposure to the U.S where he has become a well known name after his recent demolition of Sam Sexton.

Tuesday, 22 May 2012

22/05/12 Melbourne to ban Boxing after Casey left bloody mess

The recent Cruiserweight battle between Joel Casey and Brad Pitt left Boxing fans in Australia questioning the sport. The 6 round fight turned into what looked like a blood bath as Joel Casey continued to pour blood, some of which even ended up outside the ring. Melbourne are now looking into the fight and are possibly making a move to ban the sport taking place. It was an incredible battle between the two men and Pitt probably wont get the recongnition he deserves after the whole night being over shadowed by a bloody Casey. Surely the officials need to be looked at here if they are unhappy, as the decision ultimatly lies with them.

Watch the complete fight here:

Monday, 21 May 2012

22/05/12 Could we see Price fight in the US?

Could we see British Heavyweight Champion David price head to America in his upcoming schedule, Price who recently beat Sam Sexton to become Champion will now be looking to take his talent to the next level and where better than the US. Promotor Maloney believes he is already at the same level as the Klitschko brothers and he would happily put him in the ring with one of them, as much as i dont think is entirely true i do believe it has been good promotion for the Champ and people are definatly starting to take notice. If i was Maloney i would definatly be looking at Tyson Fury but also 24-0 Alexander Povetkin, who in my opinion struggled against Crusierweight Marco Huck in his last encounter and proved he can be beaten if you go after him, something Price can do in abundance. His most likely move would be to move on to 16-0 Kubrat Pulev who is the current European Champion, i think we will definatly be seeing Price in America in the not to distant future as he has recieved some great feedback from there. It would seem that whilst waiting for the development of hopeful Seth Mitchell the Americans would quite happily watch Price make his way up the Heavyweight division, anything to see someone finally give the dominant Klitschko brothers a run for thier money.

21/05/12 Alvarez v Mayweather?

There has been much talk of where Floyd Mayweather goes from here, and the answer seems to lie with saul 'Canelo' Alvarez. Mayweather said himself that he will look at his career if the Pacquiao bout falls through and make a decision from there, but word has spread that the young Mexican would be in a prime position to take on the P4P Champion. Match ups with Ortiz and Khan have both been mentioned again, im sure it would be nice to see Mayweather take on Ortiz with out it ending in a cheap shot but i would'nr see the outcome being any different. Khan still has work to do to get over his loss to Peterson (even if it was surrounded by illegal drug taking) and will surely have to take on someone of a more elite status before considering Mayweather.

Alvarez proved last earlier this month that he can mix it up with the best by taking apart Shane Mosley. I admit that it was a shadow of Mosley a few years ago but lets not forget he was going toe-to-toe with Mayweather two years ago. Right now it seems a long way off for Canelo, but if he contnues to produce performances like that of when he fought Hatton, Cintron and Mosley he may well not be that far away from steping inside the ring with the best in the world.

Sunday, 20 May 2012

20/05/12 Kessler wins.....just

Last night Mikkel Kessler picked up a dominant fourth round victory over Allan green, but he was only dominant in the 4th round. Infact Kessler was lucky to even come out of the first round and enter the second, Green caught the Dane with a great right hand and then put him to the floor with a great body shot, looking back Green probably had the chance to end it there and really go after Kessler. This wasn't the case and kessler found his way back into the fight and in round four connected with a left hook that could potentially win KO of the year. I think once Kessler found his feet in the match he looked ok but i can only think this is due to the quality of his opponant, against the likes of  Dawson, Hopkins or Cloud he would'nt stand  much of a chance boxing like he did last night. Is staying in the Lightheavyweight division a wise choice for Kessler? probably not as i can't see him ever winning a title there, maybe time to look back where he came from as he clearly still has unfinished business at Super Middleweight.

20/05/12 Price Dominates again

David Price last night proved that he could be the man to carry the torch for British Heavyweight Boxing, and maybe even carry a World title one day. I know it was only his 13th fight and it is still only 4 years into his pro career, but take nothing away from his ability in the ring and the devestating fashion that he is Knocking his opponants out in.

Last night was no different and right from the opening bell Price took charge and went to work on the jab, Sexton found it hard to get into the bout and by round 3 found him self on the floor with a great shot from Price, (which was only at half power). Sexton was finished by this point but tried to hit back with some combinations but to no effect as Price took each shot in his stride and continued to land heavy blows. Going into round 4 the crowd could sence the end was near and so could Price, it was teh 3rd knockdown that was deemed enough for the referre to call a stop to the fight. Price got himself on the inside of Sexton and hit him with a terrific right hand that left the man from Norwich on the canvas for a good couple of minuites before he could find his feet.

Price now sits proudly at the top of British Boxing but i can't see it sitting well with former Champion Tyson Fury, who himself held both belts before he was forced to give them up. Promotor Fank Maloney said after the fight that he believes Price could be ready to step in the ring with either Klitschko, as much as i want to believe this is true, i could'nt see him doing enough to stop one of them. For me his next move has to be Fury and both camps must see this is the only fight left at this level before they look to make a move on the world titles. I suppose there is always Haye or Chisora?

Saturday, 19 May 2012

19/05/12 Price v Sexton

As we duck and dive our way through all the controversy of British Heavyweight Boxing we stumble across what has the potential to be a great fight. With what could offer a future World Heavyweight contender, 12-0 David Price looks to fill the mould of Tyson fury and claim victory to the British and Commonwealth belts. But in order to do this he will have to take on 15-2 Sam Sexton, who himself believes he has what it takes to stop Price's unbeaten run since turning pro in 2008. Price goes into this fight the considerable favorite, offering a taller stance and longer reach and proving his knockout power against fellow heavyweight John Mcdermott in his last encounter. Sexton himself held the Commonwealth title for a year and a half untill losing it to Chisora who ultimatly lost it to Fury, so sexton is no stranger to a big fight and he has said himself he will let his fists do the talking on saturday night. Lets hope the media can look through the midst of the Haye v Chisora Build-up and recongnise another two British fighters who are at the top of thier game.I myself have Price down to win and looks like he offers to much for Sexton to handle and i can definatly see a KO punch from the Merseysider.

19/05/12 Berto tests positive for Nandrolone

As we just get over one drug scandel another one unfolds. Last time it was Goldenboys Lamont Peterson this time the attention turns to 2 time Welterweight champion Andre Berto. Due to fight Victor Ortiz on June the 23rd, Berto has now put any chance of that fight going ahead into jeapordy by testing positive for Nandrolone.
It will be interesting to see how head of Goldenboy Richard Schaefer responds to this after the recent outbreak of Petersons drug story. So for Schaefer has stated he will try and find a replacement for Berto to face Ortiz, the only people i can think of is Khan or Alexander, but i doubt either will accept. If the event does go ahead don't expect anything close to what we would have witnessed if Berto and Ortiz were to trade blows. Another blow for a sorry month of Boxing news.

19/05/12 The truth behind Haye v Chisora

As we all now know Dereck Chisora and David Haye are due to step into the ring in the highly anticipated bout which has now been confirmed for the WBO International and WBA Inter-Continental titles (like that matters). This grudge match was on the cards way before the meltdown in Munich and has left fans crying out for it to happen, well July 14th at Upton Park this match will take place, but with no thanks to the BBBC even though it is taking place on thier soil. The BBBC have not at any point sided with the Fighters or promotor Frank Warren on this and have now confirmed that anyone who does get involved with this event can consider thier name wiped from the BBBC.

The whole situation seems to have been blown out of proportion and after listening to various interviews and reading a vast array of articles, i can honestly say that i agree with British promotor Frank Warren. He seems to have come up against a BBBC that have realised they have made a mistake and are now trying to punish the british Fighters for it. Lets face it Warren is just doing his job, and that to make a fight happen that people want to see, and its apparent that nearly 40.000 people want to see this fight (and thats just bums on sits at Upton Park, thats without the thousands that will be watching this on Boxnation or online). In my opinion if a Boxer pays his hard earned money towards a Boxing board (BBBC) then he should maintain a constant backing from that board, i dont expect them to pass on what Chisora did in Munich or the things he has said, but surely this could have been dealt with in a better way. Steve Bunce wrote in one of his many columns that this could have been handled between Boxer, Promotor and Board over a nice meal, and he is not wrong either, alongside a writen appology and perhaps a hefty fine. Unfortunatly it would seem that the BBBC want to make an example of Chisora and his actions and are now looking to make an example of Warren as well, fellow British promotors Eddie Hearn and Frank Maloney have taken this chance to make thier thoughts clear on the situation as well. Hearn goes as afr as saying that Warren lacks all respect for the sport of Boxing.

The key element here is that the Board have reached a ruling that Chisora is to have his license taken away and to be suspended from the sport, there is no mention what so ever of a ban. And this is what Warren has confirmed to be where everone is getting it wrong, papers, journalists, and other media all reporting that this is wrong and illegal, when really it isn't. In actual fact this could'nt be more legal. Warren has had various people from the Board and media say to him that the time isn't right and its to soon to go ahead or its just wrong as far as the sport of Boxing goes, Warrens argument being why should'nt Chisora be able to earn a living up untill the fight. Warren puts forward a great case in this argument and has also played the innocent card by saying that various BBBC meetings and private gatherings are being hosted without any invite to himself, he also defends his decisions to other promotors and publicly opens up with truthful stories that has left them with no leg to stand on. In by doing all of this Warren has won over a lot of the Boxing nation and ultimatly will continue to do so for putting on a fight we all want to see.

I myself do not like what i have ssen unfold since the brawl in germany and as each day passes and more news breaks it seems to tarnish the name of the sport a little more, with drug scandels and poor officiating decisions all ready highlighting the low points of the sport it does'nt need an ongoing saga to this proprtion, it is nice to finally see Boxing get some mass promotion but it has all happened in the wrong way.
Brawls, arguements, racial abuse, riots are just a few things that have always happened in the sport of Boxing, why should this situation matter anymore than them. Lets hope that the night itself is not over shadowed by this past months events and lets hope that once it has happened both parties can reach an agreement, afterall it is a British Boxer under a British Promotor in disagreement with a British Boxing Board shouldn'nt be that hard right?

Thanks to @bigdaddybunce @frankwarren_tv @mrdavidhaye @dellboychisora

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Thursday, 10 May 2012

10/05/12 Khan v Peterson off, Brook announces next match, Warren blasts BBBC

It has now been confirmed that the highly anticipated rematch between Amir Khan and Lamont Peterson has been called off due to Peterson failing a random drugs test. The test was carried out in October 2011 before thier last encounter and after initially disregarding claims that he had taken the drug, Peterson later confirmed it was true. The Khan camp is devestaed after what has happened in the last couple of days and Khan appologies but confirms the fans should be blaming Peterson for the fight being called off, Khan also believes he should have the belts returned to him. Twitter went into overdrive with an array of people involved in the Boxing world making thier points very clear about the results of the test, Khan has also echoed the random drug testing proposal that Floyd Mayweather has been backing for some time. After an incredible rags to riches story that peeked when Peterson beat Khan at the end of last year, it now leaves another blemish on the sport. Khan will now probably be looking for another opponant to face very soon but for now we will have to wait to see what is round the corner for the former British Champion.

Tonight it has been confirmed that Kell Brook will test his ability against Oklahoma born Carson Jones on July 7th. Jones will be coming across the pond and taking on Brook at the Motorpoint arena in Sheffield. It will be a good test for Brook but i can't help but feel slightly disapointed that it wasn't a Welterweight higher up the rankings.

Frank warren has confirmed that over 20.000 tickets have been sold for the upcoming bout between David Haye and Dereck Chisora. It was over 24hrs that phone lines went crazy for fight fans booking thier place at this all British grudge match. The fight has not come without its share of controversy, the BBBC have released thier statement yesturday on how they feel about Warren putting on this fight,
the full statement can be found here:

Warren has confirmed that even though he does not have the backing of the BBBC he will still be going ahead with this match up and full support Chisora's choice to get in the ring. The Brits promotor has also stated that if he has to take action against the BBBC he will do so, claiming he will sue them for not allowing his fighter to make an earning. Chisora's appeal results are due back at the end of July, but untill then Warren believes his fighter has the right to carry on in his job and fight.
I can only think that this will carry on over the next few weeks and we have only just seen the start of the war between Warren and the BBBC

Wednesday, 9 May 2012

09/05/12 Haye v Chisora a good or bad thing?

I find it hard to understand why certain people can not get excited about the recent announcement of David Haye v Dereck Chisora, two Heavyweights that are amoungst the elite of the division. After watching Bunceys Boxing hour last night with Steve Bunce and Frank warren i could'nt help but feel excited. I want to aknowledge now that this isn't a competly positive experience for Boxing, especially the way in which this match up came about in Munich. But lets remember this isn't the first time a brawl has happened outside of teh ring as i mentioned in my blog a couple of months ago, lets not also forget that this wont be the first time that a boxer has got past his ban by looking elsewhere for a license to box, most famously Muhammad Ali on his refusal to sign up to the American army and most recently Anotonio Margarito after the hand wrapping incident. This may well refelt a tarnished image on the sport but it is something that has been around for many years and these types of controversy show no sign of going away.
Another reason why i feel excited about this bout is that the winner may well be going on to bigger things, lets face it the Klitschko brothers seemed more than happy enough to offer matches to either fighter, notably Viltali Klitschko who has recently confirmed he would be happy to fight Haye. Admittedly this fight may not come along any time soon due to licensing issues but it will certainly leave both Boxers in a strong position when looking for that all important Heavyweight title shot. The Klitschko camp have come out over the last 24hrs and stated this would be a freak show of a fight, i cant help but feel that for once, a Heavyweight encounter has grabbed the headlines that doesn't involve either one of them, and they don't like it.

09/05/12 Peterson confirms taking testosterone

Lamont Peterson has now recently confirmed that he had taken the testosterone pellets in October 2011 prior to thier match, his attorney has also confirmed this to the Nevada state athletic commission. It was to make up for the low levels of testosterone in his body. Peterson who is set for a rematch against Amir Khan in 2 weeks had initially denyed taking the substance after the first set of results had come back from the test. This has now caused concern as Peterson has now admitetd to taking the enhancement after second test results again confirmed the drug had been taken. as it has now been confirmed that the banned substance was taken it leaves the fight on a knife edge to weather it will go ahead or not, both camps are doing everything they can to keep the match up alive.

Tuesday, 8 May 2012

08/05/12 Khan v peterson in jeapordy and Haye v Chisora set for July 14th

 Peterson fails drugs test

Amir khans rematch with Lamont Peterson is now in doubt of going ahead as the american's random drug test results came back positive for synthetic testoterone.The par are due to fight again on the 19th may so medical specialists are working hard to try and prove the drugs origin. The Peterson camp claims that the Welterweight Champion has never had a positive result back and believe something was wrong with the VADA test results. Medical teams are now working around the clock within the Nevada state rules to get the issue cleared up, both camps agree the fight will still go ahead.

Haye v Chisora

Its official, David Haye and Dereck Chisora will do battle on the 14th july at Upton Park in London. Its a fight that is being sanctioned by the Luxemburg Boxing Federation. Both fighters are without official Boxing licences, Haye had retired and Chisora had his taken away after thier brawl in Munich. Chisora is currently appealing the decision and wont here back untill July, Promoter Frank Warren feels his fighter should still be able to earn money. Its a match up that not only has both fighters excited, but all the British fight fans as well. It will probably gather some intrest from the other side of the pond as both Haye and Chisora are serious Heavyweight Contenders and thats exacltly what the US Boxing fans are looking for right now. Both Haye and Chisora have lost to one of the Klitschko brothers, but both fights had gone the distance and proved that they are more than capable of mixing it up in the Heavyweight division. This match up may be what both fighters need to get themselves back on the map.

Monday, 7 May 2012

07/05/12 Mayweather v Cotto

Ok who had thier hard earned money on Miguel Cotto.....well shame on you, this Welterweight war had Mayweather win all over it surely? Whilst this might be true, the majority of the Boxing world including myself seemed to be backing Cotto to finally knock the king off his thrown.
This was also the vibe that was felt and heard around the MGM grand when both fighters entered the ring, Cotto stayed focused and knew what mamouth task lay ahead of him, Maywether on the other hand was all smiles and was just as relaxed as he has been in all 42 previous matches, the fans were determined that they could give Cotto that extra boost to get the win, but also knowing that this would not bother Mayweather from the moment the opening bell sounded.
Both fighters had a traditional opening round as they felt each other out and exchanged slight blows, as the next few rounds went on Cotto had thrown a lot of punches but found not many were landed with any conviction and it was Mayweather that landed the shots that mattered. Cotto finally started to find his way towards the back end of the fight after soaking up some hard shots from Mayweather, and it was the P4P Champ that found himself having to weave, dodge and duck to make sure the hard shots that Cotto was throwing were not connecting. Some shots did get threw but it never really seemed to take Mayweather out of his stride, as he would cover up and offer shots just has hard in return, (you don't get called the best counter puncher in the buisiness for nothing) and it was the last couple of rounds were Mayweather proved his class, knowing Cotto would have to find that KO punch he made sure he put himself out of harms way and picked off the Puerto Rican with ease. A UD over 12 rounds with 1 Judge scoring the match 118-110 and 2 judges scoring 117-111 left Mayweather adding the WBA Light - Middleweight title to his collection.

It seemed a close Fight at times with Cotto drawing Mayweather in to a toe-to-toe battle and this where he did his most damage but it was always swaying towards Mayweather who again proved why he is the man to beat. 8 belts and $32million later 'Money' Mayweather now looks towards his time in prison and then to his next opponant, Manny Pacquiao.
But when asked about setting up the long awaited encounter with Manny Pacquiao the Champion couldnt confirm anything.
"This was a gruelling fight, i'm going to go home and take some time off and see where we go from here,"
 It was recently stated that Mayweather would retire in 2014, which for a boxer of his age says he has just a few more fights left in him, but if the Pacquiao bout does not happen Mayweather is still unsure what direction he would head in,
"There's nobody out there for me. I can't really tell you where my career's going from here. I fought everybody basically. There's nothing but the young, strong pups coming up.